Professionals are always faced with challenges and what separates them from the rest is how they overcome them. A career coach provides tools to overcome obstacles such as, adapting to change and managing uncertainty with an unbiased view on the  exact situation. 

If you need help overcoming limiting beliefs, being resilient or even improving your perception of life, a career coach can help you adapt to situations in your everyday life.

What does it look like working with a professional career coach? In this article we dive into Tina Kalogeropoulos’ approach and what it looks like to work with her.

Career Coaching with Tina Kalogeropoulos

Tina Kalogeropoulos is a marketing executive, entrepreneur, career coach, and marketing consultant. She provides career coaching to professionals by finding their authentic voice, building on unique strengths, defining goals and developing a plan of owning career success. 

Tina has extensive experience in career progression, thanks to her decades of knowledge and proactively cultivating relationships with respected professionals across multiple industries. Tina works with all levels of leaders from C-executives to directors and mid-management individuals, to help find success and fulfillment in their careers and other areas of life. Having worked in a corporate capacity for over 22 years in B2B and B2C Marketing Communications, she understands first-hand what it takes to live that fast-paced lifestyle with a young family and what it takes to advance one’s career to a meaningful and fulfilling level.

Coaching for Career Progression

Career coaching will help you find and maintain a fulfilling career by elevating your leadership thinking, improving time management and allowing more productivity inside and outside of work.  Tina says her coaching approach helps the brain understand the turbulence that occurs when you’re looking to change or encountering something new. She says that although we know what we want and are willing to take action, often our limiting beliefs hold us back by not exploring all possibilities and allowing us to face and overcome challenges. 

Career coaching prepares you for accelerated success. A vision is created, skills are fine tuned and the focus is on the defined career goal. For those aiming at advancing or finding fulfilling careers, coaching ensures you focus on purposeful actions that align your activities with your priorities. For those who want to balance life and career, learning to set boundaries and engage with integrity based on what matters to them most is the way to go. Working with Tina means uncovering what truly drives you and she guides you to build a plan that will get you to your ultimate career goal. She ensures her clients’ perspectives are heard and fully supported as they reach their unique level of ambition. 

Tina explains she views coaching as a collaborative partnership through which she works with clients to uncover perceptions and unconscious biases that get in the way of approaching change. 

By now, you likely realize that influential leaders, at one point in their careers, have invested in themselves through professional development and likely had the support of a career coach to advance their career. Now is the time for you to find your authentic voice and develop the skills required to achieve your goals. The key to your growth is in your mindset, and a career coach will help you unlock your true potential that will set you up for success.  

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Many people desire to find fulfillment in their careers, yet they’re stuck and unable to move forward. If this is you, and you’re ready to take meaningful action forward in your career, get to work with Tina and discover your success by living the fullest potential of yourself.