Visionaries are people who see a great future while dedicating their time to shape it to the legacy they want to leave. Visionaries are the prominent people who can tell tomorrow’s reality from a distance to work on it. 

Heinz Kaegi says many people lead themselves and their companies with past insights and fears of the present and future uncertainty. Heinz is influencing future leadership and assisting executives to understand it. It is a creative and compelling strategy to transform the high rate of lack of vision competence. 

Heinz, in all his mission, shares his 30 years of international experience as a C-level executive, entrepreneur, top executive mentor, and bestselling author. He works with hand-selected personalities who have their commitment from the heart to reach for sustainable success and fulfillment. Through his company, Kaegi-Leadershift Ltd, and a globally unique concept he developed, LEX Leadershift Excellence™ Program, he is inspiring visionary leaders to leave a legacy that creates a future for their children in the world of work. Here are five insights into why visionaries are the true realists.

They have a burning desire to create

Visionaries see what an everyday person cannot see. They genuinely believe they have the power to change the world, and it is their mission to do so. They have that burning desire deep down to see an even more fantastic future. They always look at a more significant cause to make the world an even better place, to create sustainable success for all involved. 

They focus on sustainability 

The best thing with visionaries is they have a long-term focus point, an end goal and thus work with determination to realize those milestones. This focus makes them realists as they go through all possible solutions to make their dreams come true.

Heart work

Heart work revolves around being happy and content in whatever you are doing and doing what makes you happy. For visionaries, this is the case with them as their end goal is always sustainability. With this cultivated passion, you can go above and beyond to realize something. Where there is heart work, there will be excellence. 

They are familiar with the leadership market

Visionaries are always up to date with trends in their industries. They carefully analyze what is more likely to push through and make a sustainable impact. Exploring past and current trends, they could see a particular potential. 

They Team Up 

Creating solutions that impact the economy, in the long run, can be a challenge. Grouping is why most visionaries brainstorm, working in teams to make the project emPowering, easier and successful. This way, again, they can work on their capabilities. Teaming up has a significant impact on finding success, according to Heinz Kaegi. 

Sustainability in the leadership development space is what Heinz Kaegi and his international experts & coaches do for top executives and their leadership teams. Their incredible work is appreciated globally, which brings them closer to realizing that goal each day. They have even attracted reputable clients like BMW, Columbia Beach Resort, Mepha International, Accarda, UBS Bank, among many others. 

The Group is setting out an event next year, in April 2022 in a one-on-one session with Heinz Kaegi. They have 2 tickets for Top Executives to Cancun for five days and 50 tickets for Executives in Salt Lake City for 2.5 days. 

Besides visionary leaders, anyone can work on themselves and uncover their inner goals and be part of leading in the future. Heinz affirms that it had to start with you to recognize the leader within. With this organization, the future of work will undoubtedly change forever. You, too, could be that visionary leader who shifts from hard work to heart work®. 

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