On average, at least 50% of angel-funded start-up businesses go out of business immediately after their conception. Mostly, such entrepreneurs have marvelous ideas and smart teams to back them up. However, what contributes to their often failure is the inability to prioritize and implement the essential processes that accelerate growth to stability. But what if someone could help ease the process and outline the essential components of success? 

Bella Verita is an excellent example of a female entrepreneur who has soared the heights of success. Her passionate approach to sales and marketing, coupled with her inspirational attitude towards empowering fellow women to counteract and break the bond of the male-dominated industry has enabled her agency to gain fame quickly. As she engaged with her clients during a recent podcast, Bella elaborated on the strategic approach she uses to spark more clients. The majority of start-up entrepreneurs have overlooked these four essential processes she has outlined below.

Offer a Solution That is Bursting With Value

As an entrepreneur, it’s vital to enhance a driving force towards creating more business, which will, in turn, create jobs that strengthen market competition, a catalyst in increasing productivity. Stick to your value proposition and never relax when you are far ahead or already dominating your marketplace. It is time even to push harder. Dig deep to understand where your niche stands out and maximize your potential in strengthening it. 

Robust value proposition gives a purpose for your team to focus your business to connect with your target clients effectively. Through identifying and categorizing activities, initiatives, and aspects of your business, you will have the most significant impact on meeting your defined target audience’s needs. 

Ask The Right Questions

What questions are you asking your clients and customers? The number of intervals and frequency of posing the right questions to your target clients enables you to strengthen your value proposition as well as improve your customer service engagements. Structure your questions in a way that will derive solutions that will be of paramount importance to resolving the bottlenecks your business is experiencing. Plus it will provide clarity which can be used as an input to improve the quality of output.  

Showing your clients that you value them, their needs, and their opinions stimulates their inner confidence that you care for them. You can dig deeper by getting insights from your clients on their goals, challenges, habits, and hobbies and craft your products and services to suit them. As a salesperson, your facial expression and tone need to go hand in hand. You will gain confidence and create a great deeper relationship with your clients, which will make them comfortable to view their opinions without fear of prejudice.

Focus on Customer Satisfaction Metrics

Happy customers are always loyal customers and act as crusaders spreading their experience to the rest of the world. The benefit of measuring customer satisfaction metrics are immense.You can incorporate any of the metrics listed here:

  1. Net Promoter Score–  an index ranging from -100 to 100 reflecting the willingness of clients to recommend a particular service or product further. For instance, On a scale of 0-10 how often will you recommend our service to your close circle? 
  2. Customer Acquisition Cost– Calculate by dividing all the marketing expenses by the number of customers you have gained in a particular period say monthly or quarterly.
  3. Churn–  A tool to measure and predict ups and downs of a company and equip the business from suffering negative effects. It reveals the preparedness of the company to hold difficult situations of customer withdrawals.
  4. Customer satisfaction Score– A five-point scale from “ very unsatisfied” to “very satisfied”.The response will help you identify areas that need improvement and immediate actions.
  5. Customer Effort Score– It is inclined in measuring how much effort your customers have put while interacting with your business. 

The metrics will empower you to enhance the overall customer experience. 

Maximize The Value of Persuasion And Customized Best Deals

Persuasively craft your messages to address your client’s needs and opinions while emphasizing on your business value proposition. By grabbing your customers’ audience, they will feel the person talking to them is in some way in a similar position. You can craft your message by starting with an anecdote or a surprising fact that will spark their curiosity to learn more. 

Demonstrate your credibility and authority in your communication. To pull this through, have in-depth research on the subject matter that will enhance your message and prove you have first-hand knowledge and experience in what you are selling.

Final Thought

It is essential to have the vital processes detailed in a strategic manner that will make it possible to roll out your sales smoothly and with ease. The bottom line, having a genuine attitude towards what you are passionate about and offering the best services to your clients, will quickly drive your business to a higher rating.

With Bella Verita, you will gain detailed guidance on how, when, and where to incorporate it as an entrepreneur. What are you waiting for? You can find her on Linkedin, Facebook, and Instagram