It is not often to meet a 22-year-old who has figured out how to make a seven-figure in under one year. Meet Faisal “Vice” Wardak, the newest rookie and a game-changer leading the fastest-growing music marketing and social media viral solutions company. He works with major labels, large application companies, influencer content houses, and many more. Vice’s goal is to help people gain app downloads, brand awareness, product sales, along with getting artists to top-charting slots. 

Vice is the most significant growth plug for organic followers. He knows how to promote apps, gain sales for products, grow only fans girls, make massive viral campaigns for artists. His company is currently the strongest in music marketing as well as growth networks for social media pages. But what makes Vice Wardak successful that business startups can take notes?

Patience, Passion & Persistence

 3P’s refers to patience, passion, persistence. Vice is always passionate about what he does. It is the passion that fuels his drive to continue doing his stuff. This man understands that success does not just happen overnight. And for one and a half years, he has been patient growing his business to seven figures.

Additionally, This millennial attaches more value to persistence. Persistence is the name of the game. Anyone who needs to scale beyond average must always persist.

Startups can therefore embrace the 3p’s if they want to disrupt their markets in a record time.

Product, Price, Place & Promotion

The 4P’s represent product, price, place, and promotion. These are the four pillars of any marketing strategy. 

Product is the service or good that a company, business, or brand offers to customers. This product should fulfill the client’s demand.

Price is the cost consumers pay for a product. In your marketing plan, ensure to link the price to the product’s perceived or actual value.

The place is where the company should sell its product and how to deliver the product to the market. Your goal should always be to avail your products before your consumers.

Promotions include public relations, advertising, and promotional strategy. You need to reveal your product to your consumers, and you can only achieve that through promotion.

Professionalism & Business Etiquette

As a business startup, you may face competition in your market. Many obstacles will arise, just as it happened to Vice. He faced jealousy even from his cousin. Others tried to bring his business down. However, don’t be tempted to compromise your integrity. Instead, uphold your business etiquette. 

Your business etiquette will help enhance your relationship in the workplace. Additionally, it will promote your growth. 


If you are looking to step foot in your industry for the first time, patience, passion, persistence, product, price, place, promotion, and professionalism are going to scale you like crazy. These 4P’s will form your foundation as a startup. 

For more tips, you can connect to Vice Wardak on social media. You can also visit this Instagram Page.