Entrepreneurs have many responsibilities, especially when dealing with people on different platforms. Every person on a website like the one managed by Reid Lawrence requires hard work and a dedicated team to prepare, advertise, and successfully perform the execution. Failure may make the business fail.

Sickening Events is a queer owned alternative to Eventbrite  that primarily helps the LGBTQ+ community. The company started as video production and became one of the best internet service companies by dealing with websites and event ticketing.

Society tends to look down upon minority communities. When Reid noticed that companies take advantage of LGBTQ people by making them pay extra money to get services, they decided to create Sickening Events to give them the same quality treatment as the other people.

Sickening Events as a Company

Starting at gay bars as a photographer for dancers, the cinematography was cemented in their career by editing and uploading appealing videos that made their YouTube channel grow at speeds that made him want to make money from his craft.

After their channel and video were monetized, they started to look for more models who would further push their content to greater heights. Combining beauty and cinema, they made money. Most of the models they used for their videos were from the LGBTQ community. They were those who wanted to create a good life in the community. 

Passion drove Reid to form Sickening Events. Sickening Events combine beauty, lifestyle, and cinema. Additionally, it offers website creation and management services. 

Combining Beauty, Cinema, and Lifestyle

People who work in the entertainment industry are bound to promotion, advertisements, and management. Most of them get booked by people or book events themselves. People must have proper channels to market themselves to get booked at an event. A good platform is Sickening Events.

Sickening Events creates a website for the client at a fee of 49 dollars. The company then allows the client to update their profile anytime. The profile might include events, links, referrals, and any information the client thinks might be necessary for marketing and more extensive outreach.

Reid and his company are responsible for maintaining the account, which only costs 9 dollars a month.

Difference between Sickening Events and other large companies

Companies have policies and terms that they work with. Some policies benefit their clients, while others are only for the management. Many companies do not care about their clients as long as they make money. Some clients make almost nothing from events while the rest of the money goes to the company.

Sickening Events, on the other hand, are different. Led and managed by Reid Lawrence, it treats its clients well and makes sure that they get the best out of the company. Reid encourages all the LGBTQ people to join his company and avoid exploitation. The company takes all people and ensures they earn all they deserve.