Chris D. Bentley is an award-winning Dallas real estate broker that has set out to change the real estate business. Chris D.Bentley is not only one of the best brokers around but also a published author. He uses the digital network to share his knowledge on getting to where he is right now.  Trained and inspired by his trusted work colleagues, Chris has committed highly to his real estate education. He continually challenges himself to bring his client’s thorough knowledge and service. For someone who wants to venture into being a real estate broker, below are some of the books you need to put on your read list today!

Extreme Networking- Become a Connector in a 2020 World

In this book, one will learn networking strategies, networking norms, how to be a host or organizer of a group, and how to turn attending networking events into a good source of new leads for one’s business. The book will help you find out what it takes to leverage your brand and expertise successfully and to gain respect from your peers. Networking with others is a beneficial tool for growing your business. Networking involves the exchange of ideas and connections that help expose your product or services to others. 

Real Estate Investing: The Basics for Beginners

Chris discusses how to analyze potential real estate investment deals and how to make a wise choice before getting into a wholesale deal, buying a flip, or holding onto a rental property. More topics include the basics, cash flow strategies, and the downside risk of being an investor. You’ll learn about the possible mistakes to avoid when investing in real estate. The book Includes marketing strategies for finding excellent investment properties in your area. It’s full of investment formulas, techniques, terminology, and takeaways. 

Seven Tips to Get the Highest Value for Your House- What Every Home Seller Needs to Know

Chris Bentley provides advice to assist homeowners that are in the process of getting their house ready to list and sell. The seven tips highlighted in this book are the areas you will need to focus on to avoid getting a low value for your property. 

7 Home Buying Misconceptions- What Every Home Buyer Needs To Know

Realtor and popular social media personality Chris D. Bentley also provides advice and experience to assist home buyers in the purchase of their next home by putting to light the seven most popular home buyer misconceptions over the past years. These misconceptions include working directly with the seller, never offering the total price, the summer is the right time to buy, putting down 20 percent to qualify for a mortgage loan, never competing against a cash buyer, and more.

Buying a house is very stressful, but it doesn’t have to be. As your most significant and expensive purchase, doing your research well could save you thousands of dollars in both time and transaction fees. The book will provide everything you need to know to separate fact from fiction in today’s real estate market.