Martin Lazarevic is the founder and the CEO of Global Stadio technology company that is Web3 crypto-based organization. Statistics reveal that over 627,000 new businesses are started each year globally; out of this, over 85% collapse before celebrating their first anniversary. 

Lazarevic Martin unveils skills for establishing a successful NFT portfolio as an athlete, a fan with or without skills in the cryptocurrency business. Stadio Global has established an excellent ecosystem that offers pathways for you as an athlete, fan, coach, and manager to easily transact and earn optimal profits using Web3 and cryptocurrency business.

How Stadio Will Enable You to Establish a Successful NFT Empire

Many athletes shy from establishing cryptocurrency businesses due to a lack of adequate skills and the high risk. What cryptocurrency to buy, when to buy, and an excellent time to sell your NFT could be your primary worry? Stadio Global has simplified the NFT venture, making it less risky for you to navigate from a startup to a well-established business successfully. With its white-glove service, the company will create for you an e-wallet and develop an NFT with benefits associated with the smart contract. 

Stadio Global offers technology for enables you to buy cryptos like bitcoin and sell on secondary markets and receive crypto- based commercial transactions. Your fans can also build their NFT portfolio by purchasing your crypto collections or buying StadioLeaguez. This feature enhances mutual benefits as you get to sell your professional brand while your fans get e-tokens through their viewership.

3 Major Steps That Will Make You Successful In NFT As Startup Through Stadio

  1. Use the study league pathway.

Stadio Global allows you as an athlete to have your NFT in the game, and starting the league is guided by statical principles. Your NFT has traits that are affected by their performance in the season, then that performance affects when your fans buy and use these NFT in the game as you earn redeemable tokens in crypto format.

  1. Use engagements as a fan to generate tokens. 

You can buy your favorite athlete’s collection of NFT or through buying StadioLeaguez that you can apply in the game. These NFTS will act as your crypto assets stored on the blockchain that you can sell off when the season is favorable to earn profits that you can plow back it the same venture, which enables expansion of your asset base.

  1. Know precisely what you want to achieve. 

You need proper planning on what you want to do to act as a navigator to accomplish that set objective. With an appropriate roadmap Stadio will empower you as an athlete to actualize your dreams. Stadio offers to assist you in doing your overall stereo marketing and managing public relations for you. The company’s main objective is to enable you to achieve your targets timely and accurately. 

Wrap up

With Stadio, the crypto business cannot get any more straightforward and less risky. The company, through its staff, offers you all the necessary mechanisms necessary to help you be successful in the venture even if you are not skilled in the industry. The company enables you to generate income from watching your favorite players as a fan. For more information; connect with Stadio on Twitter @ or on LinkedIn @