Fulfilling your plans as an entrepreneur means you’ll have to wear many hats along the way, and one of the hats you may have to wear is that of a web designer.  Your business website will be a powerful tool, but your design has to be good to actually see a response from web users.  

If you’re looking to expand your knowledge and build your own business website, starting with a little research might help.  Check out this brief overview of a new business website design tips for budding entrepreneurs, and get to work on building your empire today.  

Make it easy for users

It’s important to remember to keep the design of your business website simple and easy to use.  You want users to naturally feel the need to click on things and explore what your website has to offer.  

Start by working simple navigation into your design.  A simple navigation bar along the top of your page will help users immediately see how they can find out more information about your business.  

Build a strong products page

Your website is a place to display what your business has to offer consumers, and building a strong products section is imperative.  Take a look at this products page for Nine Line Apparel, for example.  The pictures and descriptions used let you know just what to expect when you make an order.  

Make sure your product descriptions are brief but power-packed.  Compliment your stellar descriptions with high quality images that show users exactly what they’re purchasing.  

Encourage communication

Communication is a huge purpose of your business website.  You want to keep in touch with your target consumer, so your marketing initiatives are always on point.  

Build a contact page that has several different ways in which consumers can communicate with your operation.  Complement your contact page by adding other communication opportunities throughout your site’s design.  

Build for mobile users

Mobile users are the driving force online, and you don’t want to alienate your audience.  If your consumers are using mobile devices to access your content, it makes sense to optimize your content for mobile users.  

Make sure mobile devices have no trouble displaying your content properly.  Make sure your buttons aren’t super small, so fumbling thumbs can click with precision.  Make mobile optimization standard for all of your digital content, and you will have a better response.  

Include social media sharing 
Finally, you can add an extra element of communication to your website design by adding social media sharing icons.  Social media sharing icons give your business a leg-up on marketing, because each share is a free boost.  Add the icons strategically throughout your design, so interested users have several chances to suffice their urge to share.