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If you’re tired of your job, or feel like the time is right for some change and career growth, it can be a daunting task to pick your next work place. One company caught my eye, in the area of vacation marketing. I love a good vacation and know just how important a proper break is to live a happy and healthy life. Quality Marketing Group specializes in hospitality, vacation, healthcare, and home security, and also represents its own brands, such as Resort Save. So, we wanted to know, what’s working at Quality Marketing Group really like?

About Quality Marketing Group

As I mentioned, Quality Marketing Group serves a wide range of industries, and is particularly making waves in the vacation marketing industry. They offer many services for their customers, including branding, lead generation, sales and marketing, and call center and fulfillment. This means there are many different types of opportunities at Quality Marketing Group, for those looking to take on a new role.

Services Offered

Quality Marketing Group offers three main services, and employees fill a wide range of roles.

Sales and Marketing: Quality Marketing Group provides call services to both small and large companies

Fulfillment Services: Quality Marketing Group can provide order management, customer service, and fulfillment services for products, with its Customer Relationship Management system.

Lead Generation: The team behind Quality Marketing Group is experts at generating leads and driving sales.

Quality Marketing Group’s Reputation

Quality Marketing Group is known for having seamless end-to-end platforms and services for their customers, and the employees are a big part of this reputation. The company is all about using innovative technological advancements that revolutionized the travel industry. As a leader in the vacation marketing industry, Quality Marketing Group has also made a name for itself by sharing useful information about vacations, to help inspire and attract customers.

What Employees Are Saying

The great news is, there are ways to see what employees are saying about working at Quality Marketing Group, to get a good idea of what it’s like to be an employee there. If you check out Quality Marketing Group’s employee reviews on Indeed.com, one employee said, “It is wonderful working with an organization that works so hard to provide a custom service to each individual client that they serve.” Another glowing review says, “I love to travel, and I love making people happy so working at Quality Marketing Group, I sometimes have to remind myself I am at work!” Other employees say they learn a lot while working at Quality Marketing Group, and the salary is good.

How to Learn More

If you’re interested in learning more about Quality Marketing Group for yourself, you can check out their website, and follow them on Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin.