Office space is very vital to any organization, but it comes with the expense of a long lease and maintenance staff. However, with a virtual office, employees can work from any location and still have phone answering services, meeting rooms, video conferencing, and a mailing address.

Virtue office is the ideal trend for startup companies that are looking forward to minimizing expenses while enhancing productivity. Setting up a virtual office can prove to be quite challenging since it requires consideration of some factors. These factors include:

  • The type of business
  • The physical location for the business
  • The virtue office provider
  • Flexibility
  • The address used by other businesses
  • Technology
  • Price

The Type of Business 

It is crucial to consider the general operations of the business. This will aid in identifying the circumstances under which the team is more productive and the specific needs of the business. Some businesses will require the employees to have face-to-face interactions. A good virtual office should provide ample space and resources that meet the needs of the business.

The Physical Location of the Business

Before setting up a virtual office space, it is crucial to consider if the address gives a reflection of what your business does. For instance, a particular area in a given location can be associated with financial or medical services. It is important to consider the signals your virtual office gives your customers about you and your company.

The Virtual Office Provider 

It is important to check the validity of the provider before making the final decision on the virtual office. The virtual office provider should be licensed by relevant authorities. An experienced virtual office provider is the best option as you will be sure the provider will be in business for a long time. You should know whether the provider has rented or owned the building.


Flexibility is key depending on the working hours. Some businesses operate during business hours and others operate 24/7. The business should be flexible to accommodate the needs of the customer. The virtual office should provide access to more amenities and be able to handle the demands of a growing business.

The Address Used by Other Businesses

Most customers search for a company on search engines like Google before they decide to do business with the company. It is important when the customers search for your location, they find the company sharing the address with respected organizations. This inspires confidence in potential customers. You should search for the address and the profiles of the companies you share the address with before settling on the location of the business. You should select an address that is shared by companies with a good reputation.


A good office should have access to stable Wi-Fi and landline phones. Technology allows one to be more productive as it makes work easy. It is difficult to communicate without technology. A good virtual office should provide room for technological advancement.


Price is always an issue for everyone. You should consider first all the factors listed above to get an idea of the pricing for the office space before signing up for the cheapest offer. It is advisable to ensure that you’re offered what you have paid for and that you are not being overcharged.

As we have seen above, there are several factors that you should consider before choosing and setting up a virtual office space. Be it location, amenities, technology, or flexibility, you can now make an informed decision on the virtual office of your choice.