How Real Estate Investor Winston Deloney Used These Free Tools To Train For Success

Never has there been a real estate investor who stumbled on success overnight. Instead, they’d spend years training and learning on the job to become the superstars of the industry. And the surprising aspect of growth for real estate agents is that all the work goes in the background.

So, it’s no surprise that after years of adapting to growing technology and applying it to the profession, these investors achieve huge success and profit. If you intend to achieve a similar excellent record in real estate investment, you’ll also have to follow the process. The best news is you have lots of examples to follow on the route to accomplishment.

One of the most notable stars is Winston Deloney. He is famous for his ready application of new technology and media tools to get ahead in the industry. That’s why we seized the opportunity to have a chat with the entreprenuer. He lets us in on his foray into real estate investment and how he constantly trains for success.

How Real Estate Investor Winston Deloney Used These Free Tools To Train For Success

It’s great to have you, Winston. Tell us, did you always set out to be a real estate investor?

I think nobody ever has their life figured out from the start. When I was in high school, I had dreams of being a 9-5 professional. But as I grew up and experienced life, I figured I wasn’t exactly cut out for that kind of life.

I read a couple of books on real estate investment and they piqued my interest. As the years rolled by, I got opportunities to invest in real estate and I grabbed them. Since then, I’ve never looked back.

How do you position yourself for success in the Real Estate industry?

My success regimen is to train to be the best. I read books and keep myself abreast of every detail in the industry and share everything I know on my blog. I also use a couple of tech tools to beat the best in the industry. They make work easier and helps you gain the trust of clients.

What are some of these tools that you’ve trained with over the years?

I mainly use free software and marketing tools to gain insights into the industry and analyse my investments. I use about three tools that I can list off the top of my head.

  1. DotLoop helps me create contracts electronically and exchange them easily with clients and agents.
  2. Reiwise is a tool that gives me free real estate analysis and allows me electronically arrange my tasks for each period.
  3. Simplifyem helps me track all my property investments and financial returns on them.

Do you advise young entrepreneurs to use these tools?

Definitely, I’d advise them to. But they must realize that it’s best for training purposes. It shouldn’t replace your market research.

How influential do you think tech savvy real estate investors will be in the coming years?

I’d say we are the future. I say “we” because I believe I am a principal part of this group. We will chart the course for the value of the industry in the next few years and while others struggle to catch up with new technology, we are poised to readily adapt.

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