Content creation is merely a choice for any business with the changing world and dynamics. Technology is leading us to content creators, and the pandemic has already shown us there. According to research by Insider Intelligence statistics, the future of content creation is bright, with content creation having contributed $8 billion in 2019. Quite a number no longer need to thrive in a job with the storm in the online space as content marketing rose from 3 billion in 2017 to 6.5 billion in 2019, according to Statista Research Intelligence. 

Content creation might be the trend, but just like in any industry, competence and skills are required. It’s also important to know how it works, the payment method, and how to find and work with a suitable person to achieve the best results. Anne Therese and Valerie Emanuel, the founders of Role Models Management, came up with a unique business model that promotes ethics, sustainability, and social justice among models. Their structure has attracted over 200 models and high profile brands in the US and around the world. Here are some of their tips for working with content creators in 2021 and beyond.

  1. Look for influencers that align with your brand. 

One way you could expect tremendous results is by working with content creators that create content related to your niche. By so doing, they are likely to put much effort into the project, be authentic, and feel free in what they are doing as it is what they love. They are also likely to share your products even after the contract is over as it is what they love and enjoy. Authenticity is an excellent tool for conversions.

Anne Therese and Valerie Emanuel created a comfortable working space for models to express themselves in what they believe in and are of their interest. They would then connect models with clients based on the same interests as brands. This structure led them to work with high profile clients like Timberland, Nike, Epson, eBay, Elle Magazine, Nexxus, Sorel, as well as niche sustainable brands like YesAnd, Thrive Market, and B Brand New York. Their influencer boards include pop-culture activists like Summer Dean, Arielle Estoria,  and Kenzie Burke, and the see an increasing demand for content creators with strong and aligning values.

  1. Consider influencers’ performance

If you are looking for the best results, it’s necessary to work with influencers with significant engagements in their social media accounts. It has to be engagement over followers. There are people with many followers, but they do less in their posting, and the concentration in terms of likes, comments, and shares is also low. Engagement is a powerful tool for conversion. A content creator whose account is up to date with content that compels fans’ actions is the leverage to boost your income.

More importantly, an influencer with a smaller following but more engagement has a higher probability of gaining ROI to your campaign. That means that her followers trust her and are willing to try or purchase the things that she promotes. Before deciding on what influencers to work with, have a deeper look at the engagement beyond likes – dive into the comments and explore the conversations. 

  1. Build a relationship with the content creator.

To make a content creator be entirely devoted to building your brand, putting them in a space where they feel comfortable to inquire anything will boost their morale. They are likely to promote your brand with warmth and a feel of sharing the same goals with you. You should also follow up with them, maintaining a healthy relationship. If it was a one time project, they will surely continue your legacy and probably using your products.

Despite building strong relationships with content creators, there is a need to set clear deliverables required of content creators to allow for their creativity. Building Strong relationships with influencers will lead to even greater collaborations in the future. Influencers will always keep to heart the warmth they received from specific clients. Role Models Management used this tip and even empowered their models, creating sustainability.


According to research by Influencer Marketing Hub in 2020, companies receive $18 for every one dollar they spend on influencer marketing. This attainment is highly possible utilizing the above factors when working with clients. We all hope for the best results in all our undertakings, and it is thus essential to consider the strategies required in building your success. You could reach out to Ann Therese or Valarie Emanuel through the following accounts.

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