How Working With Mint Global Marketing Can Transform Your Lead Generation Strategy

The lifeblood of every business is sales. And, it is practically impossible to generate more sales without having a lead generation strategy.

Many organizations are in charge of their lead generation procedures. But others prefer to outsource to lead generation agencies specializing in attracting and converting target audiences into raving fans.

If you are in the latter category, you will benefit from our conversation with Mint Global Marketing on how working with them can transform your lead generation strategy.

Before we kick-off, here is a brief overview of today’s guests: Mint Global Marketing is a marketing agency at the cutting edge of lead generation and performance marketing globally. They help companies increase their market share and become dominant leaders in their sectors.

How Working With Mint Global Marketing Can Transform Your Lead Generation Strategy

In your years of experience, can you tell us what makes a client great to work with?

Thought-provoking question! We enjoy working with clients that meet specific criteria and are engaged and responsive throughout the lead generation process.

From the interview to the brainstorming and implementation sessions, it truly can be exhausting on both ends. So it is strictly necessary for our clients to be invested in the process.

Good point. Just curious to know. How do you work?

Mint Global Marketing serves the populace through business and consumer information aggregation. We tape the information into sections for target market relevance.

To make things sweeter, we have a segmentation type that group leads on levels of ‘warmth’. Eventually, we sell the leads to approved businesses.

We also engage in many lead generation service options:

And we are capable of creating personalized campaigns for business owners through lead identification and nurturing.

What planning and strategy meetings will be needed to get everyone on the same page?

At the initial onboarding stage, we organize time-paced sessions so that each party is on the same page. During this stage, we gather relevant details about the organization.

After deliberations within the Mint Global Marketing team, we organize strategy meetings with our clients. Here, we ensure there are some alignments between our ideas and the clients’ goals. If no alignments exist, we change the recipient’s technology and processes for better results.

The last meeting is a follow-up session where we update our clients on the effect of their campaign and actionable adjustments.

As a lead generation company, how do you get leads?

How we obtain leads makes us different from other brands. We engage in content syndication. Here, we push content to digital channels to get site traffic and brand awareness.

In cases of B2B marketing, we access leads using firmographic data. Fixing appointments for potential clients to have talks with our client’s sales team is our goal.

During lead generation, we use other tactics depending on many factors:

  • Social media marketing
  • Google advertising
  • Landing pages optimization 
  • Blog traffic and RSS feeds 

What are the advantages of working with Mint Global Marketing over other lead generation agencies?

We provide some benefits you won’t find anywhere else:

  • We have contacts lists that independent businesses can never obtain in a short time frame.
  • We guarantee our clients much more control over their campaigns or future campaigns.
  • We are the best when it comes to data collection and tracking. Businesses can not carry out these activities themselves.
  • Lastly, Mint Global Marketing can help refine your sales processes and improve them so you can ditch the poor results and scale your business.