Over the years, Jacques Poujade has followed the real estate industry in some capacity. A personality that has been featured in many articles online. Currently, he is a managing partner at Lendplus, a company that helps individuals get the money they need to afford a new home.

While the real estate market is never a sure thing, Jacques Poujade is a firm believer that 2019 is a great year to invest. Those people who have some money to work with should look into what is available. Below is his reasoning for why he believes real estate investing is great in 2019.

Solid Job Growth Across The Board

The unemployment rate is still very low around the United States, and that means plenty of people are in the market to buy. Even though it can be competitive to secure investment properties, which just means it will be an easy flip for those who are investing.

It’s important to stress location more than anything. Finding a home that needs help in the best neighborhood is always a smart way to go. Homeowners are putting more of a stress on location than ever before, so the closer to the heart of the city, the better.

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More Creative Real Estate Investment Opportunities

The Internet has opened up a lot of different real estate investment strategies for people to check out. Don’t have the money to invest in property all for yourself? There are ways to team up with other investors to have part of a home. This is great for those people who want to dip their toes in investing a little bit, but don’t want to take too many major risks.

In the past, most people who wanted to invest in this way had to work with friends or family. Now, there are even crowdfunding investment opportunities out there for people who want to diversify their portfolio a bit.

Get In Early On New Development

Construction companies are finding it pretty difficult to keep up with demand right now, which means that new development in good locations is going for top dollar.

Not everyone looks at new construction as an investment opportunity, but getting in early on the sales cycle is going to be the key. The return investment might take a few years, but they can pay off in a big way. This suggestion is more for people who have enough money to play around with.

Time-tested Rental Income And Short Term Rentals

There are still plenty of opportunities to purchase properties and rely on rental income to start making money. However, more and more people are looking at short term rentals as a solution as well. Going through a website such as Airbnb, people can make money in popular areas with high demand by charging top dollar on peak days.

There is some management work that needs to be put into everything, but this is a great way to start making income every single month. The opportunities are plentiful in 2019 for rentals in real estate.

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