That tough decision you are afraid of making may never get easier with time. It could just be your lifetime game-changer! Sometimes and those times are many, “next time”, “second chances”, and “time outs” don’t exist.  

If the last few years of navigating your failures did nothing, don’t be afraid to hit the RESET button. It could just be TIME TO GO HARDER!

“Nobody ever regrets going hard for what they believe in,” says Jennifer Hernandez. 

About Jennifer Hernandez

Jennifer is the epitome of determination. Coming from a homeless background at 17 and a teenage mom becoming a disruptive force in multiple spaces is a motivation to many. 

Today, she is a Keynote speaker and a Loan officer who freely shares her story. The force behind her success has always been, “No one can stop you but you!”

What Do You Want?

Most people don’t know what they want, whether in their career or life. They do not know if it is time for a career change or to remain in that job. However, Jennifer advises that you get clarity on your next steps. 

In helping you find what you want, you first need to know what you find enjoyable. Next, consider how your interests translate into an economic equation if you have career goals. You need to aim at intrinsic enjoyment and find out what brings it to you. It would help if you followed what feels good for you while finding out what’s meaningful for you. Remember to put the opinions of others aside and concentrate on what you want. 

What Will You Achieve?

Goal setting will improve your focus. Having a clear goal will mobilize your focus toward actionable behavior. It naturally directs your attention toward the next step, leading you in the right direction, which forces your behavior actions to follow. 

Knowing what you want or need to achieve will help you sustain your momentum. Did you know that seeing progress is very addictive? Not only that, but it also enables you to align focus with behavior because you get feedback on your progress. 

Goal setting helps promote self-mastery and build character. This is one of the important reasons why goals work.’

How Bad Do You Want To Achieve Your Goals?

Jennifer is not new when it comes to achieving goals. She remembers how her success journey was filled with failures, tribulations, setbacks, and trials. Often she was broke and drowned in her problems. However, she had a vision. She had a goal she wanted to achieve. She started telling the world her stories as she worked hard to deliver herself from her misery. 

Finally, her hardwood, patience, and persistence paid off. She went from broke to building a half-a-million-dollar house, having four rental properties and a vacation home. And when she thought all was going well, she was again back to zero. She lost everything. But guess what? That did not stop her from pressing that RESET button again. 

Today she is a mother, branch manager at Loan Depot, motivational speaker, author, founder, and a coveted leader whose impact has been felt far and wide. 

It’s Time To Step Up

Don’t let failure define you. Don’t allow yourself to be pushed down by negative thoughts. You can still pursue and live your dreams. You can still reset that button and flourish to success. 

All you need to do is beat that fear and make that first step of determination. The time is now to go harder,

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