In order to craft reality, one must understand emotion. You can’t physically control what you can’t control. So, the first step should be understanding emotion to gain control. The mental and emotional states of humans are fundamental to their health. The human body is constantly generating new cells; thus, it stands to reason that one’s state of mind affects the nature of those cells.

Reality is subjective, and there is none outside of it. Some filtering system is required to allow us to focus on what the human body-mind perceives to be the most significant pieces of information while ignoring the rest so that the continual influx of sensory input does not overload the brain. Emotions determine what is significant.

Meet The ‘Magic’ Queen; Cat Howell

Magic and alchemy are two of Cat Howell’s many hobbies. She assists business leaders in rediscovering their “magic touch” and redefining their reality via the use of magic. As the former head of an organization with annual revenues in the eight figures, Cat Howell knows a thing or two about success. Even though she had achieved material success, she still felt deep dissatisfaction and sadness. In 2022, Cat had a nervous breakdown and decided to devote herself to magic. As such, it is impossible to fully understand magic without first gaining some insight into the human emotional experience.

Cat Howell dispels the myths surrounding alchemy in her book, “Magic Source Codes” by exploring the alchemist’s inner compass and how it helps them unlock the secret of manifestation and gnosis. Control over one’s feelings to shape one’s world. She keeps a record of her research. She chose a novel tack in her study of how feelings influence people’s lives because she enjoys pushing the boundaries of knowledge.

How emotions craft human reality

Cat claims that individuals who are brave enough to enter the mysterious world of magic and alchemy will find a rewarding practice of self-discovery. She has found methods that people of all backgrounds may use to satisfy their inner artist and build happiness in the face of adversity. She argues that the human capacity to transform feelings of awe, isolation, and uncertainty into something more valued and treasured is what makes us uniquely human.

She describes how Cat felt imprisoned and miserable at her career’s peak when her firm made eight figures. She believes that the alchemical practices are responsible for her improved health and her capacity to keep her peace and her wits about her in the face of uncertainty.

Wrap Up

We do not see things as they really are; instead, our perceptions of them are shaped by our ideas and judgments because of the continual emotional states we are subject to as humans. In her book, Cat suggests that humans adopt their animalistic tendencies and create automatically and instinctively by forming the same type of perceptions and behaviors over and over again, without realizing that we can change them and create more consciously by choosing the meaning we give things and using our will to produce new experiences by learning how to tell a different kind of story. Slowly but surely, we gain the freedom to think and create in novel and varied ways as we come to terms with our emotionally driven impulses.