A new partnership between SR Holdings and global leading cannabis brand COOKIES will see a change to the Colorado landscape in the form of innovative dispensaries. 

This deal was organized and secured by The Movement Management Advisors; a consulting firm led by Managing Partner Darien Dash. Learn more about how the deal was structured, what it will mean for the markets, and how consumers will benefit. 

The Movement Management Advisors Announces a New Partnership  

The Movement Management Advisors is a consulting firm with an established reputation in the cannabis industry, owed largely to the expertise of Darien Dash. He was one of the first professionals to embrace this vertical and its incredible potential. Early on, Dash would make himself indispensable in acquiring licenses for operations in Oregon, Colorado, and California. 

SR Holdings and COOKIES: A Match Made in Heaven 

Darien Dash believes that SR Holdings and COOKIES are a natural fit for one another. SR Holdings is an African American-owned leading holding company based in Denver. It has assets in Colorado Springs, Pueblo, and other Denver markets. The company is teaming up with the international cannabis lifestyle brand COOKIES to launch Colorado Lemonnade retail locations in the state. 

COOKIES was founded in 2008 by prolific rapper Berner from the Bay Area and stemmed from the success of the cannabis strain known as Girl Scout Cookies. The brand credits its success to controlling the whole process from seed to sale.  Even as the brand and customer base grew, its quality remained the same. 

Berner wants to support more than just his customers though, he wants to help other go-getters in this market space. Dash saw the perfect avenue in the form of SR Holdings. “This partnership between the COOKIES brand and SR Holdings is a living example of the Berners commitment to building with entrepreneurs that reflect the company’s values of inclusion and equality,” said Darien Dash. 

A Game-Changer: SR Holdings Looks Forward to Expanding Their Presence 

The cannabis industry is a relatively new space, one that welcomes anyone with the talent and drive to succeed. This unique opportunity in such a popular segment has sparked a lot of discussion about what this could mean for minority owners, and how aspiring business professionals can best use the developing landscape to their advantage. SR Holdings is a company that wants to stretch the professional benefits of this business as far as it can go.

Sherard Rogers, the founder of SR Holdings, said “Bringing together the COOKIES team with our existing opportunities and assets on the ground in the State is a game-changer for our company! This will greatly impact our ability to go deeper and wider in our never-ending commitment to providing jobs and growth opportunities to men and women of color in the Colorado market.”

COOKIES is based in California, but it’s been involved with expansion in Colorado since the brand got its start. The brand will be teaming up with local cultivators in the state, and its team has made it a priority to choose professionals who can live up to the high standards set by the COOKIES brand. Quality and consistency aren’t just buzzwords at COOKIES, they are a credo to live by. 

You can find COOKIES in every legal adult-use market in America, except those recently legalized in the November ballot initiative. With the new partnership, Colorado will see branded dispensaries that play on the popularity of the much-beloved snack. 

Darien Dash on Seeing What’s Ahead  

Darien Dash’s firm, The Movement Management Advisors, are trusted by government officials, hedge funds, private banks, and C-suite executives alike. Dash can work with the movers and shakers of the world, largely because he sees what’s coming long before they have the chance to negatively impact his clients.

With cannabis, Dash sees a way to level the playing field for minorities, bringing them to an open table and letting their ideas and initiatives drive quality in the markets. COOKIES is a brand that has proved itself already in California and beyond. It only made sense to connect the team to another company in Colorado that was attempting to do the same thing. He’s excited to play a continuing role in promoting equality in this market, particularly as more states legalize the plant.