Hold on to your pill bottles because the independent pharmacy industry is shaking things up! With big chain competitors lurking around every corner, it’s time for independent pharmacies to step into the spotlight and show off their unique value proposition. Leading this crusade is Patti Mara, a passionate advocate for locally-owned businesses. She’s on a mission to empower independent pharmacies and give them the tools to thrive in today’s healthcare jungle. Mara knows that a business is more than just the stuff it sells, so she’s all about helping these pharmacies understand and shout from the rooftops about their fabulous perks. By tapping into the superhero-like expertise of pharmacy teams and giving them capes (well, metaphorical capes), Mara is revolutionizing the industry. Get ready for a customer-centric approach that will blow your mind with enhanced experiences, increased sales, and a resurgence of independent pharmacies as the beloved neighborhood heroes we all need.

Who is Patti Mara?

Patti Mara is a dedicated advocate for locally owned businesses, particularly in the retail and service sectors. Her primary focus lies in independent pharmacy teams. Patti believes that these businesses often overlook their true value proposition and become overshadowed by larger chains. Her mission is to help independent pharmacies understand and communicate their unique value to their customers effectively.

Understanding the Value Proposition

Patti Mara emphasizes that a business’s value goes beyond its products or services. Instead, it lies in how the business creates outcomes for  its customers and their needs. She works closely with companies to identify their value proposition and helps them articulate why customers should choose them over their competitors. Independent pharmacies can better communicate their value to the marketplace by defining their unique selling points.

The Role of Independent Pharmacy Teams

According to Patti Mara, empowering their teams is the key to transforming independent pharmacies. Pharmacy teams are the front-facing ambassadors of the business and play a crucial role in customer engagement. They possess knowledge and expertise that customers often lack, enabling them to help customers solve problems they may not even be aware of. The teams become purpose-driven, collaborative, and highly efficient by applying their expertise to customer needs.

Empowering Teams to Become Heroes

Patti Mara firmly believes that independent pharmacy teams have the potential to be heroes to their customers. They can guide and support customers in making effective buying decisions by leveraging their expertise. Through team engagement training, Patti helps teams understand the value of their role in the pharmacy and the importance of the customer experience. The training encourages a shift from being product-centric to becoming solution-oriented problem-solvers.

Unique Offerings and Training Programs

Patti Mara’s training programs are designed specifically for independent pharmacy teams. These programs are unique in the market, providing comprehensive training and guidance tailored to the needs of pharmacy professionals. The training spans over 12 weeks and includes weekly videos, handouts, quizzes, and live calls to support learning. It covers various topics such as role clarity, understanding patients and customers, effective communication, and handling complaints.

The Transformation and Key Results

The 12-week training program offered by Patti Mara yields tangible and intangible results for independent pharmacy teams. One of the significant outcomes is the shift in team engagement and retention. The program fosters a sense of purpose and impact among team members, creating a collaborative and positive work culture. As a result, the team’s interaction with patients improves, leading to enhanced customer experiences, increased sales per customer, and a rise in the number of referrals.

The program also reveals areas for improvement within the team and the pharmacy as a whole. It helps identify individuals who may need additional support or realignment within their roles, promoting overall team alignment and growth. The transformation is not limited to the pharmacy itself but extends to the community, as team members take pride in their work and actively contribute to the business’s success.