For someone who has over 18 years of experience in the digital marketing space, has seen the growth of social media, and has adapted to using it daily to drive impact to the world, Rhonda Swan’s insights in the PR sector are invaluable. 

Meet Rhonda Swan, the CEO and founder of the Unstoppable Branding Agency. The Agency focuses on helping clients create ‘sexy’ brands that are profitable, credible and PR-worthy. Rhonda is also an international speaker and bestselling author, who has built several multi 7-figure businesses. 

Before Rhonda ventured into her entrepreneurial path, she was working in one of the largest Pharma corporations, where she was responsible for over half a million in advertising and sales campaigns each year. She knew that the internet provided great opportunities for businesses to connect with their clients and scale. Since she set out to help brands realize the power of the digital platforms, she has not looked back. 

To date, Rhonda has helped thousands establish their authority and drive revenue. She leverages social media and digital publications to build her clients’ brand image and ensures that they market themselves effectively across all platforms. Here are some key lessons on growing your business through strategic social media branding.

  • Focus on content

The goal of social media is to communicate with your audience in the first place. Creating and sharing high-quality content drives better engagement as people love to read, watch, and share relevant information. It also helps to lift your brand for Google rankings. 

According to the Content Marketing Institute, content is one of the most effective ways to promote a business. Content is often in the form of blogs, but also includes everything from infographics to videos. Rhonda notes that through content, businesses can establish themselves as thought-leaders in a specific niche, and compete at the same level with already famous brands. Plus, the content and brand message needs to be as clear as possible for anyone to understand. 

  • Knowing your audience inside out

The key to effective social media strategy is understanding your audience. Rhonda says that when crafting your content and value proposition, you have to keep the target audience in mind. She continues to note that “your value proposition might be about you, but it is not for you.” 

Understanding your target audience interest and what they value in a brand will help you be more empathetic about their needs. Additionally, knowing which media platforms that your audience use will help you narrow down the platforms that you need to use for your brand. You will be able to position different messages across different platforms, specifically targeting your clients better. 

  • Collaborate with influencers, and experts

People look up to niche-specific influences for their authenticity and expertise, often heeding their recommendations. Influencers have established trust with their audience. By leveraging on influencers, you can be able to gain a following for your brand, gain more insights about your products and services and increase conversions. 

On the other hand, experts such as Rhonda can help you position yourself by tailoring your message better for your audiences. So, the point is finding these connections with the right influencers and the guidance from experts such as Rhonda herself, to help your business thrive to the fullest.

  • Nail your customer service

More and more, brands are using social media to provide customer service and support to their customers. By providing instant feedback to client’s questions, you increase the levels of trust for your brand. It is about caring for your customers. 

Other than engaging your audience through questions and discussions, comments and replies can do wonders when branding yourself on social media. Rhonda emphasizes that such engagements help to build strong relationships with your audience, and increases loyalty of your followers towards your brand. 

  • Measure and analyze the performance 

A recent survey by Smart Insights revealed that social media  positively influences business revenues. Your efforts on social media marketing should bear an ROI. To ensure that you are in the right cause with your strategy, you must be able to measure and analyze performance. Rhonda advises brands to measure social media performance to determine if they are meeting the goals that they set out to do in the first place. Put differently; metrics are important as they tell if your campaign or strategy is successful over time.

If you are curious to know how Rhonda can help amplify your brand and grow revenue, connect with her here to learn more.