Danny Singson is not your ordinary kind of entrepreneur. He started his entrepreneurship journey five years ago after being in the police force for about 19 years and retiring 17 years earlier. Why did he choose this dramatic life shift? He was devastated by the financial loss his mother went through after losing a whopping $200K worth of savings in her 70s. 

Now, Danny runs the leading financial brokerage firm in the San Francisco Bay Area, and is expanding his team and services nationally. He is also a celebrated speaker having spoken at countless events from coast to coast and was most recently featured as a speaker at the PHP Agency 10th Annual National Convention.

According to Danny, entrepreneurship is a sure bet to attaining financial freedom, and here is how.

  • Job security is an illusion

They say financial vulnerability is what motivates entrepreneurs. With employment, you have limited choices and are thus more constrained in what you can do. You answer to only one person and that is your boss. However, in entrepreneurship, your customers are your ‘bosses.’ You are in control of who, and  how many customers you can work with. No amount of education or experience can guarantee that you won’t be unemployed tomorrow, no matter your talent or faithfulness as a worker. But with determination, you can grow your business one step at a time to the top. 

  • Optimize your potential

You have the power to take control of your finances. Venturing into entrepreneurship pushes you to operate on higher levels of energy, effort, and passion. Yes, there will be times you have to work extra hours to make it work, but understanding the values that you provide to your clients is satisfying. As a police officer, Danny would be able to provide value to people within his community. Now, he is impacting the lives of thousands of people across the country. He has also been able to realize his potential, not only gaining financial freedom but also helping others to do the same.

  • Entrepreneurship gives you a better position to help others

Entrepreneurship is one way that you can help others to get to their levels of success. Danny ventured into entrepreneurship to educate others and help them make the best financial decisions in their lives. By a leap of faith to start off his course for financial education, he changed his life and those of thousands of others. According to Chris Brogan, ‘entrepreneurship is 100% about reaching out and helping other people.’ By putting the needs of others first, you add more value to society and your business. Danny’s consultancy is all about helping others. He has been able to recruit new agents to build broader markets to serve others. Besides, each of his agents can start their brokerage and build wealth like Danny.

  • Sharing personal values

Everyone has a particular value that they can offer to the world. However, employment limits your ability to share with others. Through entrepreneurship, Danny has been able to share with people across the country his passion for curing financial ignorance. For someone who has been adversely affected by this issue, Danny knew that he was not the only one who was suffering from a lack of financial information. The truth is, schools do not teach you what you need to know about money. Now, Danny can help people understand everything regarding personal finance, including savings, retirement, investments, insurance, asset protection and living benefits. 

  • Investing in long-term goals and plans

Entrepreneurship is about going after your dreams. Successful entrepreneurs often have stories of hard work, failures, twists and turns. The rosy part, which is a financial breakthrough and independence, is often realized after patience and endurance. Entrepreneurship helps you to achieve those plans that you have set for yourself. What is necessary is to set the goal of running a business by managing debt, income, finances, and other business components. Financial education is critical to ensure that you can overcome challenges as an entrepreneur. 

Entrepreneurship has the potential to change the way we live and work. Besides, through entrepreneurship, we can create wealth and improve our standards of living. To learn more about Danny’s work, check out his website here.