Finding the right clients in real estate can be quite a challenge. Identifying your target client, connecting with them, and convincing them to buy can take a toll on your time & strength. Yet, there is a quick way to strike deals. 

With extreme networking, you’ll have a flow of clients without constantly prospecting. 

What is extreme networking? 

Extreme networking involves taking an aggressive yet strategic approach to real estate marketing. This tactic requires you to go beyond your sphere of influence by connecting with the right people, from lenders, contractors, and other real estate agents. 

Extreme networking isn’t easy but can be lucrative if you adopt an extreme networking mentality. In his book, Extreme Networking – Become a Connector in a 2020 World, He discusses how he used extreme networking to build his multi-million dollar real estate business. I’ve covered extensively how you can use simple tactics like attending an event as a good source of new leads for your business. 

The five ways to network are:

  • Attending events and conferences 
  • Getting involved in the community. 
  • Joining networking groups & local organizations. 
  • Develop a team that you can rely on. 
  • Creating an online presence by setting up a website. 
  • Leveraging social media. 

5-ways extreme networking can influence your business 

1. Extreme networking helps put your business on the map. 

When you attend professional conferences or events, you can exchange business cards. The connections you forge with other professionals in the industry help with your marketing. 

2. Get you the right leads 

There’s no way to get success in real estate without prioritizing networking. Extreme networking gets you the right leads. Think about it, every person you meet knows someone. No doubt it will take time to build contacts. But in the end, it will all be worth it 

3. Helps you build your reputation 

Extreme networking means putting yourself out there. This means that you help others, and they, in turn, help you. The knowledge exchange, influence, and interaction that come with extreme networking help your business and help you build your reputation as a thought leader. 

4. Gain more knowledge of the industry 

The real estate industry is constantly changing, expanding, and evolving. Extreme networking influences your business by keeping you informed on the latest trends and events. When you are prompted to recognize patterns and future events, you can adapt faster than your competition. 

5. Access to the mentorship 

The fact is there are other mentors in the field. As a leader, you may encounter challenges that you cannot fix. However, when you engage in extreme networking, you’re likely to grow and develop as a leader because you engage with other professionals. 

The Bottom Line 

Networking is the ideal strategy to expand your business. It provides you with the chance to exchange ideas and forge connections that will scale your business to the next level. What’s more, networking is an affordable form of marketing. All you have to do is use your face and your mouth. The moment people see you and engage with you, they’ll know exactly what your brand is all about. 

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