If a person needs money, there are many different options to turn to. One such option is iAdvanced Now. The president of the company, Eddie Hamid, has been growing iAdvanced Now for several years now. He understands his role not only as president, but as someone who can train the rest of the company to live up to high standards.

He recently gave us an interview on what exactly helps him reach the goals he has set for himself individually and for his company. He hopes that the information he provides can help others who might be in similar situations.

What have you focused on to make iAdvanced Now different?

Most people come to us very stressed out about money in general. It can be very frustrating to not have the money needed to help grow a business. We tried to take as much stress out of the process as possible. It is not always easy, but most people do leave a little bit more relieved after talking with us.

How hard was it to get the rest of the staff prepared to handle so many unique situations?

There are definitely people who use our company for many different reasons. Some business owners are doing very well, but they just need some fast money in order to grow as a business. Others are really struggling, and they are looking for some way to turn things around.

My philosophy has always been to focus on customer service. I make sure that every single person in our company is taught the right way to handle many different situations. If the customer feels relaxed, they are much more likely to actually do business with the company.

How much money can you person get from iAdvanced Now?

Right now, we can approve people for up to around $1 million if they qualify. There are going to be some unique situations that will determine just how much money a person can receive. For the most part though, we do offer much more lenient services than alternatives.

What type of improvements would you like to see from iAdvanced Now?

We are always looking to improve on what we already excel at. It might seem crazy to some people, but I would like to see our process speed up even more. Not only that, but I want to find ways to help even more people as well. I know that it will never be completely perfect, but I strive to have iAdvanced Now be the very best in the industry.

What tips would you give other presidents of companies similar in size iAdvance Now?

When working with a smaller company, it is important to know right away that a standard business day is just not going to happen. It takes a lot of time and effort to get to a certain point. Don’t be afraid to work unconventional hours, and complete tasks as quickly as possible. If you are not doing it, someone else out there is and getting ahead.

Hamid also takes pride in working with client companies to come up with creative solutions to any problems. His motto is “work hard and be consistent,” two principles that resonate across a variety of industries. (Check out this interview for more insight from Eddie).