Arshad Madhani received his MBA from Texas A&M University before building a career in digital marketing. With a strong background in finance, digital marketing and consulting, Arshad Madhani is no stranger to the daily challenges that many entrepreneurs face, especially those who are just starting out in business. These challenges include developing employees to think and act like independently.

Here he sits down to talk about how businesses benefit when employees are trained to think like CEOs. Read on to learn what these tips are.

Encourage continuous learning.

One of the most common reasons why employees quit or lose passion is because they feel like they’re not growing. Growth is encouraged when employees are exposed to new challenges and encouraged to learn.  Exposing employees to new industry developments presented in workshops, for example, can help curb feelings of stagnation and encourage employees to look at their careers in a fresh light.

Encourage independence.

One of the most effective ways to train employees into becoming CEOs is to delegate important tasks and to step in only when necessary.  Make sure the employee is a good fit for the task, step back and let him do the work. Micromanagement stifles employee independence. Instead, learn how to delegate important roles to employees who have shown an aptitude for these tasks.

Encourage a shared company vision.

Employees know that there is a lot more at stake than just their jobs if they know the company vision by heart. Make sure that the company goals and long-term plans are easily visible. Present goals as they change and make it clear to employees why these are the goals the company is pursuing. This way it is easy for employees to see where they fit in this plan and how they contribute to the achievement of these goals.

Encourage cooperation and sharing of ideas.

Employees become better motivated when they know their ideas are valued. Giving employees opportunities to share input promotes a spirit of cooperation and an atmosphere that values new and fresh ideas from everyone, not just the CEOs or the core team. Better yet, install a rewards system for every idea that is successfully implemented. For example, some companies pay employees $50 or $100 for each idea that gets put into action.

Enforce the dress code for success.

Dressing the part can play a huge difference in helping employees think successfully. You don’t have to force employees to come to work in suits and ties every day. Smart, corporate casual that is comfortable yet presentable can help give an appearance of professionalism that will benefit the employee and the company, especially if your employee meets potential clients on a daily basis.

The quality of a company’s employees can affect productivity in a big way. Fortunately, employees can be trained to be more independent, productive and more creative. Initiatives to train employees to think and act like  CEOs require resources, time and focus, but they will pay off in time.

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