Having a desire to impact the world through personal development and business coaching, David Waldy has risen through ranks to build a multi-six-figure coaching company. Collectively, his clients generated over $5 million in revenue in 2020 alone. His success has brought him to share stages with prolific influencers like Tony Robbins, Dean Graziosi, and Russell Brunson.

Background Before Success

David grew up in the outskirts of Topeka, Kansas. His dad was a veterinarian, and his mother a teacher. As a result, he acquired the value of hard work at a young age and did well in school. Yet, surprisingly, David turned down a full-ride academic scholarship to pursue self-education through mentorships and internships. 

He attended a two-year program called South Carolina School of Leadership then attended college for a semester. After that, he dropped out of school, having a different perspective in life and not seeing the ROI in formal, higher education. So instead, he chose to focus on specialized training in leadership development, religious studies, interpersonal communication, behavioral psychology, sales, marketing, and business systems, as he started building a career in sales.

Corporate Highlights 

They say a journey to a thousand miles starts with a step, so David’s success journey began in the corporate world. Within five years, he climbed up the ladder within a company operating in the transportation and relocation industry. He became a top 1% sales producer, which gave him some notoriety on the franchise and corporate levels. Soon after, he secured a senior management role, where he oversaw about 60 team members and a multi-million dollar operation. In addition, he began to provide coaching and training to higher-performing sales teams across the east coast with this role. 

He had a unique opportunity of interacting with top sales representatives helping them understand his methodology behind sales. At the time, people would ask him what made him different, but he had not yet distinguished that. All he knew is that he loved helping and serving people. He was shown the statistics, which led him to generate millions and millions of dollars in revenue. During this time, he began to look at sales through a different lens and assess the differences that set him apart from other salespeople. This process provided him with the realization that his approach was something he could teach to others. It was then that he knew he could take those features outside the business and help others in the market do the same. 

Transitioning to Entrepreneurship

About two years before David left the company, he started diving into understanding the world of coaching, online business, and how marketing, sales, and fulfillment were made online. It also led him to immerse himself in various training where he learned to build websites and funnels, use paid and organic marketing strategies, leverage the power of social media, and a whole host of other skill sets. However, it wasn’t until he was approached by an executive coach and a friend who happened to be in senior management of one of the largest technology retail stores in the world that he recognized the opportunity he had in front of him.

This executive coach was responsible for over 60,000 employees generating billions of dollars in revenue and various global initiatives for growth and expansion. This executive coach’s company implemented a new executive training program and offered David the opportunity to work with her for free. During working together, his new coach shared the idea of entrepreneurship with David, and he quickly realized it was his next step. David pointed to Tony Robbins as his inspiration, and he realized that the path to helping and serving more people would not be found in the corporate way he had been on. His coach helped him to map out and systemize his unique approach to sales and marketing. This process became the outline for his unique methodology through which he would teach and assist others in replicating his success. He realized his unique angle, which centered around empathy, would be the catalyst to getting his own business off the ground.


David Waldy and his team provide various training and coaching programs to help entrepreneurs develop their online sales, marketing, and fulfillment skills. He actively uses a philosophy he refers to as “Fierce Empathy,” to ensure others feel seen, heard, and understood. This philosophy came through various iteration stages and stems from his passion for deep understanding and acknowledging hard facts. He believes that there is greatness inside everyone, waiting to be extracted and shared with the world. This belief is part of why he has a competitive advantage in the coaching industry. Follow him on 

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