The future of businesses is online. The emergence of the novel coronavirus made the eCommerce jump to $26.7trillion, according to the UN report. Research also shows that many startups have emerged, and there is a need to grow and scale. Also, old businesses that did not embrace the digital error and continued embracing their traditional ways of doing business are now facing immense challenges and need to grow their strategies to remain relevant and sustainable in the market. 

Sandra Haseley is a champion in building and scaling businesses using the organic strategy on social media. She helps driven women to achieve higher profits and scale past 5 figure months in their service-based business. This visionary woman is also excellent at creating systems for scaling businesses online efficiently and productively. In terms of positioning, she provides the strategy, tactics, and mindset that help women meet their goals, and her energy and humor allow them to scale in a way that feels fun. Additionally, Sandra Haseley is the owner and partner of Sandra Haseley + CO. and Generation Impact Consulting, LLC. She has also been hired as a corporate consultant and a keynote speaker for Tony Robbins and Dean Graziosi at

Workshop Course Creation

Most people don’t know how to create a course. And those who do, do not know how to start and build a course that helps their clients succeed. According to Sandra, it is essential not to create a course until you make sure that you have taken somebody through a transformational process with whether your expertise is health, relationships,  or wealth. Feedback is going to be beneficial in helping you create a study course. Having a live interaction with people is critical, in her opinion. 

Therefore you cannot create a course without having a standardized process for people to go through that makes sense for everybody. If your clients have gone through the transformational process and like the systematic methods, and have gone through a live experience with you and have gotten that feedback and thought testimonials, you are on the right track. Therefore, you can report those exits and prepare your worksheets of those lessons or modules. 

Additionally, you need to ensure that your digital course platform has as much interaction as possible in the form of quizzing or feedback or even commenting sections, keeping people in the course material. It will be easier to make money on your platform with just a click of a button and turn your clients into affiliates. You can then set the price or the percentage. Therefore, if you are considering digital courses, you are definitely on the right path. 

Social Media Organic Marketing

Organic marketing on social media is another strategy that Sandra uses to grow businesses. It involves bootstrapping your business without paying for ads. Sandra teaches how to leverage your social media through consistent and relevant content. Therefore, nurturing and creating a social media presence will benefit any online business that wants to scale. Having an online presence will give you authority, credibility, and recognition. 

You can convert social media organic marketing to become an avenue to make money. How? You can do that through your audience by having an honest conversation with them and building relationships. You can then take the next step to invite them into sales conversations about what their needs are. Finally, offer them your services. Sandra’s generation company also serves corporate clients for workshop creation and growth strategy for their online businesses. 


Sandra has been able to build a six-figure cash practice in one year. This achievement is usually challenging to do competition with practices who accept insurance payments, especially in NYS. She also grew the weight loss company within the clinic to become Western New York’s highest-rated weight loss provider in less than three years. Besides, Sandra has created one six-figure brand and multiple six-figure brands in one year for coaching consulting. Therefore, if you want to grow or build your business, Sandra is the number one go-to person. Her strategies will scale you and take your business to the next level. You can connect to Sandra on LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, Email, or visit this website for more information.