Dallas county has some of the most luxurious homes. They are priced higher when compared to other houses in the surrounding area since they are constructed with high-end and premium materials like granite countertops, marble floors, and other exotic materials mostly imported from around the world. The homes are usually large and have a variety of upscale amenities.

Lavish interiors inspired by accredited and international architectures, state of the art decor styles define an ideal luxury home. The security of a home and proper planning are other additional essential qualities. Adequate space and the surreal view from the surroundings make a home very attractive and help increase the house’s value in the market.

The starting price for a luxury home ranges around $500,000 and amounts to millions of dollars. For example, a home featured by Chris D. Bentley,2316 Nassau Dr, MacKinney, TX 75071 of 4,267 Square Feet with 4 bedrooms and 4.2 baths, sold at $1,290,000.

A high-standard home with top-notch interior decors and archways installed in the right places gives it a classy touch. Building security systems are a must and, in one way or another, separates luxury homes from ordinary ones. Secret rooms with CCTV cameras and safety alarms for fire and break-ins ensure security. Accessing the homes, one has to go through extensive security checks, and thus, one is assured of high-level security.

A high-end, spacious kitchen with high-class appliances like washers, island sinks, and double ovens offers additional sophistication to a rather expensive home. Being located and designed in a beautiful and peaceful environment is another catch. It should have spacious balconies and open areas to give a perfect and breathtaking view of the surrounding features. Provide proper natural lighting and flow of air. Pimping the same with built-in luxurious amenities is also an addition.

 A swimming pool, either indoors or outdoors, incorporating exquisite shape is ideal. In addition, a gaming area, a wine cellar, a spa, a theater, a gym, and a safe play area for kids, to mention a few, all add to the home’s valuation. In addition, it can have Tennis courts, nicely made walking paths, extensive gardens with rare and exotic plants, and water features like fountains and grottos.

Most people will pay more attention to some other areas of the luxury homes, like the bedrooms. They should be spacious with large windows. The bathrooms that contain unique bathtubs and showers offer additional luxury. The dressing areas are well spaced, and proper cabinets are installed to ensure a lavish living.

 Unique finishes make a home more attractive and classic. The furnishings like curtains and rugs, the lighting uses classic lamps and nice chandeliers to ensure proper overhead lighting. Ensure hardware finishings are properly done as well as flooring. All these are factored together, and you will surely have a luxurious home. Whether a mansion, a condo, a manor, a villa, etc., it’s all about the features, size, and location.

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