Click Clone Cash Interview About The NFT community

The NFT community may seem like one of the most exclusive groups on the net, but in all reality, they are just as welcoming as any other! 

NFTs, in general, are a bit of a mystery, so it’s no surprise that people may think the community won’t welcome them in with open arms. However, they are just collectors that love the technology. 

Like every other community, the NFT community is made up of many different groups and personalities, so your experience is heavily dependent on where you look. Luckily, you can follow some general guidelines to help you jump right in and leave a positive impression on those already in the NFT community. 

We talked to Click Clone Cash to curate some great advice for new collectors and investors who wish to join the community. Click Clone Cash is one of the most prominent groups in the NFT world. They specialize in NFT news, strategies, tips, etc. So, they’re the perfect people to hand out advice about joining the world of NFTs. 

Where should people look if they want to become a part of the NFT community? Are any websites better than others?

Click Clone Cash: Well, they should first look at social media. Twitter, Facebook, Reddit, anywhere you can find, really. The more groups and communities you expose yourself to, the more likely you will find one that you actually enjoy. 

If you don’t like the attitude or the people in a particular group, it’s no big deal. You can move on and find another! 

Should new collectors be on the lookout for smaller groups, or should they join the most popular ones?

Click Clone Cash: We recommend a mixture of both. You should definitely be in the more prominent groups so that you can gauge how the majority of investors and collectors are feeling. 

However, we like to be in specific investing groups and thorough collectors’ groups. This way, we can have our fingers on the pulse of everything. 

Smaller groups can also get you information a lot faster than large groups. By the time the large, general groups are talking about something, it’s probably too late to invest in it. 

Where can users find smaller, more targeted groups?

Click Clone Cash: Discord is one of our favorite places. Try to get invited to small, private discord communities. That’s the best place I’ve ever found for information. 

Sometimes these communities charge fees. I’ve found that getting into these communities is easy if you’re well-liked and have a good reputation in the community in general.

How can someone build their reputation in the NFT community? 

Click Clone Cash: Well, have a good investment track record or a good NFT collection. Engage with discussions on social media. Make friends, talk to big players. 

If you’re new, ask genuine questions. We have built a reputation on our social media by posting engaging questions that we knew would start conversations. We tagged big players in the communities we were interested in. 

We took the strategy of establishing a name in a smaller community section to become a big fish in a small pond. Then we branched out from there. Joining NFT communities just for the clout is one of the top mistakes to avoid, especially if you’re a new NFT artist. 

So do you think it’s easier to start in a niche community first? 

Click Clone Cash: Well, yes and no. It’s easy if you indeed are passionate about NFTs and the community. No one likes when someone is being disingenuous. 

Communities matter in the world of NFTs, so learn about NFTs first, join general communities, engage with people, and then look to join niche communities.