Interviewing Jen Auh

Your online image is very important whether you’re a businessman or a professional. Today, where virtually everything is digitized, the internet is the first place many people look to find more information about you. 

Your social media and LinkedIn pages are more informative than you can imagine. To create a long-lasting impression on potential clients or customers, you must be careful about what you put online. 

That’s why we interviewed Jen Auh, veteran style consultant for men, on how people can enhance their online images, and this was how it went. 

What’s an online image?

Jen Auh: Even though the internet makes connecting with people from different parts of the world accessible, it only knows what’s been posted on it. That means regardless of what you usually look like in real life; you can create an image for yourself that’s sophisticated and professional.

Image Consultant Jen Auh
Style Consultant Jen Auh

What’s the benefit of having an excellent online image?

Jen Auh: Today’s world is driven by the internet and social media. Skills, talent, and professional capacities are constantly being put on a pedestal of public opinion. A perfectly thought-out portfolio on LinkedIn or Slack can get you the job of your dreams. 

You may not know it, but Human Resource Managers use these platforms to keep track of their potential employees. So, what happens when your online image is not good? Instead of looking professional and capable, do you look unkempt most times, post objectionable content, and display attributes opposite to the desired ones in the workplace? The answer is, you don’t get the job.

If there’s one thing successful people have in common, it’s that their online presence is carefully thought out. It would help if you did the same too.

If you do not have the confidence to curate your image online because you may not have a great style, I advise you to check out these confidence-boosting hacks I shared on my interview.

Where can you create a good online image?

Jen Auh: The answer to this is any and everywhere. You can use job-seeking websites like Indeed or social media websites like Instagram to build your online image. 

The idea is to make yourself visible to anyone who wants to know about you or anything you do. For example, as a digital marketer, your profiles and portfolios should be visible enough to come up when someone makes a query along that line on the internet.

How can men enhance their online image?

Jen Auh: If you look at the type of men people find inspiring on the internet, you’ll discover they all have some similarities. The first is a distinctive style you can easily associate with them, systematic branding, and a subtle reminder of their achievements and what they’re capable of. 

Out of these three, I think style is important. The importance of men dressing for success could not be stressed enough.

Think of it this way, people may come to your social media accounts and portfolio to learn about what you do, but with an off-putting style, they’re not likely to stick around to learn as much as they ought to.

How can you tell whether you have a good or bad online image?

Jen Auh: That’s simple. Go to Google and search your name. See what websites you’re listed under. 

Open them to check if you’d be satisfied with the available information you have there. If not, you should consider deleting them and creating new ones.