Are you looking forward to connecting and transacting with your favorite influencers, athletes, and entertainers? It is now easier than ever to connect directly with these content creators. The Feature Live app, downloadable on the Google play store and App store, is disrupting the social media space and shaping the future of live entertainment. Additionally, it is redefining the creator economy by enabling artists and fans to connect and transact in one platform.

With a rating of 5 out of 5 in the App Store, Feature Live is a highly recommended app with a great interface and Features (no pun intended). The app was created by Matt Bravo and launched in April 2022. The company is now raising their seed round and working to close partnership agreements with some of the world’s largest media companies and talent agencies.

About Matt Bravo

Matt is a 26-year-old tech entrepreneur from Atlanta, GA. He has a background in software sales and digital marketing. Initially, he worked for various digital agencies before getting into SaaS sales. His passion for entrepreneurship and entertainment developed while studying for his Bachelor’s in Business at Kennesaw State University.

Matt also loves singing, playing guitar, telling jokes, writing skits, and doing voice impersonations. His love for the entertainment industry also led Matt to various acting and modeling gigs working with agencies in Atlanta and Miami.

During the Covid-19 pandemic, Matt’s friend, a music producer in Nashville, approached him to do marketing for several independent artists who could no longer play gigs. Their budgets were meager, and so he turned down the engagement. However, it gave him the idea for Feature Live, a social app that could be a standalone ecosystem for artists, comedians, and all types of entertainers to earn money and monetize their time and content.

Why Choose ‘Feature’ App?

If you are looking to find exclusive content from your favorite content creators or want to purchase live virtual experiences with anyone who inspires you, the Feature Live app is the place to be. The app lets you explore free and premium content like concerts, exclusive shows from influencers, and early release music videos. Additionally, you can support your favorite entertainers by buying premium content and leaving tips on videos and live broadcasts.

The app also offers virtual meets and greet bookings. If you are interested in purchasing a real 1-on-1 experience, Feature Live lets you book private video calls with influencers, athletes, content creators, or anyone who inspires you.

“I believe that streamers and creators will continue to transition to more startup streaming services that offer more competitive contract benefits to top earners and offer innovative web3 and VR services,” says Matt.

Additionally, Feature Live is the safest and most secure way to book your virtual meet and greets. Once you request a booking, an entertainer has a 24 hours to respond, or your charge is canceled. The team at Feature ensures that entertainers show up to your meet and greet booking or you don’t pay.

Wrap Up

The Feature Live app is the only place to connect deeply with those who inspire you. Content creators can also set their prices on live streams, content, and time.

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