Giving up is the only sure way to fail. That is why Pat Clark will never forget the feeling he felt when his friend Kevin whispered these words to him, “Never give up!” This move was after a series of events led to Pat Clark’s foster family punishing him for a whopping month. 

Kevin had sent a note to Pat with $5 in it. The message in the letter was that they all loved him despite all he had gone through. These words and this kind gesture are what kept Pat’s hopes alive. 

Background Story

Pat’s life was synonymous with foster care. He had moved into foster care when he was in the 7th grade. His mother suffered from schizophrenia, and his dad was never in the picture. Life in foster care was rough. 

At the age of 16, Pat called it ‘quits.’ He was no longer going to stay in foster care. He had dreams he wanted to accomplish and it was not going to be in that place. 

The Transition

Pat married the love of his life, Shielagh soon after college. Before starting their own company Precision Pro Wash, he worked in various jobs. Pat worked as a builder grading lots while washing cars part-time and experimenting with pressure washing. Unfortunately, the builder couldn’t survive the 2007 recession, and had to let Pat go. 

Things became difficult with no job and a family to take care of, but Pat Clark never gave up. Pat founded his company with an abundance of tenacity, prayer, and hard work. 

Precision Pro Wash

Pat’s dream was to offer more than just cleaning. He wanted to provide a cleaning experience from start to finish. He wanted to specialize in pressure washing, soft washing, gutter cleaning, and commercial power washing services. 

Pat’s vision of “How you feel about the company and service is just as vital as how clean and fresh they leave your property” is at the forefront of everything he does.  He treats each customer like they’re family, giving that personal touch that goes above and beyond.

Their staff goes through extensive training, and all Technicians are certified.  The company provides Workers Comp and all employees are insured.  Thorough background checks on all employees are conducted yearly by “Ask the Seal”.  The “Peace of Mind” of their customers is of utmost importance.

Precision Pro Wash strives to offer the best services. The company has grown to several locations including New York, Washington, Kentucky, Tennessee, Georgia and 2 locations in North Carolina.

Consulting Services:  Sales Boost 

Precision Pro Wash has grown into the leading source for pressure washing education throughout the US.  Through his Sales Boost Training Seminars, Pat has educated thousands of people in the cleaning industry on how to grow their business.

What puts them ahead in the game is that Pat has established proven sales systems. Pat teaches people not to be salespeople but “Home Consultants”.  They educate homeowners on why they are different from the other exterior cleaning companies. He teaches how to present your service with knowledge and confidence, and listen to and address the needs and concerns of your client. If you want to increase your average ticket, you will get more sales by using proven marketing programs. 

Additionally, they help entrepreneurs and salespeople with determining pricing, overcoming objections, and setting expectations for homeowners. In addition, he will teach people how to do the quote out in the field by doing a “Hands On” visit to a homeowner in need of exterior cleaning. 

Courses on: how to manage the Key Performance Indicators as far as tracking your leads vs. close ratio and how to be profitable; implementing proven methods in marketing; using specialized scripts when interacting with customers and effective follow up on each and every job are part of the Sales Boost training.

Everything is covered in Sales Boost: from marketing and the initial phone call from a lead, to the follow up call after the job is done, and everything in between.For more information, you can visit their website.