Has finding the right dream home been a daunting task for you? Relax and worry no more, for LaQuanda Brownlee will have you sorted. She is a licensed Realtor based in Texas whose exceptional customer service in helping her clients has helped her receive accreditation of a Certified Luxury Home Marketing Specialist(CLHMS) designation. She will help you purchase a luxurious dream home within your budgeted expenditure if you consult her.

LaQuanda has over six years of experience in real estate which has equipped her with cutting-edge expertise that has helped her offer excellent services to her customers. If you purchase your dream home through her, she will guide you throughout the entire process from her resources with financing, to the many different options that are available to you, as far as style, features, and pricing as well as upgrades. She also has a close connection with builders; thus, whichever features you would like for your new home, she can direct you to who can best suit those needs and offer you a high level of satisfaction. What factors determine the prices of luxury homes in Texas?

Various important factors are vital in determining the prices of your preferable home. These factors are necessary for making your life comfy, and you should consider them before purchasing your dream home.

  1. Location

It’s best to consider the location of your home to perhaps be near social amenities. If you have kids, it would be a huge benefit to  purchase your dream home near good schools to facilitate easy access to the institution as well as if you ever sold it in the future. Hospitals are also a plus and provide for quick and easy access to good medical treatment for better health in time of need. Insurance, banks, and shopping malls are other essential amenities you must consider before purchasing your dream home. Statistics reveal that homes near necessary life-supporting amenities are expensive, but they are crucial to making your life comfortable.

  1. Aesthetic component of the Home

Living in an aesthetic home is rejuvenating and makes life enjoyable when relaxing away from busy office work. Ensuring your home fits your style or adding updates to your home to give you that feel of bliss everytime you walk in will definitely provide a level of peace and serenity.

  1. Prevailing Mortgage Interest rates

If you are planning to purchase your dream home,  the mortgage interest rate is an essential parameter to consider. Having a  high-interest rate will have an effect on the mortgage.  You don’t want to risk being house poor, causing you to default on loan payments leading to repossession of your dream home by the bank. LaQuanda is ready to offer a helping hand by educating you in the acquisition of your dream home and throughout the entire process. She has open communication and maintains high transparency so that you can enjoy the process. She offers timely feedback to your questions concerning any questions you may raise to keep you updated and make the process seamless.

Wrap up

LaQuanda will lead you to get your dream home within your budget. She also keenly considers specifications regarding your dream home to ensure you get exactly what you need. She has helped many families, and she is ready to take you through the process to ensure that you get a house that is affordable to you. For more information, contact her on the available house listing through her website on https://www.northtexashomes.io/