Finding suitable candidates to fill key roles in your company is a challenging task. Most of the time, hiring could be a laborious process. The hiring process is a vital aspect of any organization that is hard to compromise. It plays a significant role in achieving your business goals.

Hiring the right people can help propel your business to success. Azaan Subhani, a recruitment and retention consultant, said that whom to hire is always a tough decision to make since it has an enormous impact on your business. “More than 30% of hires are unsatisfactory for a company in the first two years. “Organizations need to prioritize improving their hiring process to avoid getting mismatched candidates,” Azaan said.

Azaan is the current Managing Director of Marlin Strafe. It’s a company that helps many businesses find the best talents. He and his team use technology to connect companies and organizations with modern unicorns. “Your hiring process should be able to meet the demands of the modern era, but, in reality, many organizations still use an obsolete methodology,” he continued.

The Standard Hiring Process

“Every time I show my presentations, clients usually tell me that most recruiting agencies have a very low barrier to entry,” Azaan said. He added that most clients observed that most recruiters do not care about their business. “Agencies send resumes to the client. They’re done as soon as they get the cash in the bank. They usually don’t care about the candidate’s retention rate,” he said.

He continued that these recruiting agencies will send candidates to clients hoping they will leave after three or four months so they can send another person back to the clients.

Azaan observed that the current recruitment process is no longer suitable for the modern era. “COVID-19 has changed the paradigm when it comes to human resources, and the hiring process of many older companies doesn’t match with the new paradigm,” he said.

He explained that the existing hiring process is like a resume or CV harvesting operation. “For example, I’m looking to hire a new Director of Medical Affairs. I will get about five to six staffing companies. I will pay them, and they will collect resumes from potential talents. Then, they will email those resumes to me,” he added.

Azaan said that as soon as the transaction was over, they got paid for it. He noted that it’s pretty profitable for recruiting agencies to send bad candidates. “Most recruiting agents say that the industry standard is 60 to 90 days. I have seen many cases wherein they interview someone. The candidates look great on paper, and you hire them, but after three months, they’re gone. So, you will again pay the fee for recruiting one or two more times to get new talents,” he continued.

Hiring The Right People With Technology

Azaan said they tapped advanced technology to help organizations solve their hiring woes and get the right people for their companies. “Our tool, Strafe Search®, can ensure you will never have bad hires again. It is a platform that serves as the bridge gap between employers and modern-day unicorns. Technology is being utilized in all industries, so why not use it to improve employee retention? And our tool can do that for your company,” he added.

Azaan’s team used cloud-based solutions, multiple loads of psychometric tests, and behavioral analysis and testing. “We can get you the best candidates for your company, and that’s a guarantee. We also guarantee that candidates will stay in your company for a minimum of 12 months,” he said, showing his confidence in their methodology. “If they quit within the 12 months, we will fully replace them, and you have your money back. That’s a guarantee,” he added.

He added that they could guarantee a 96% retention rate for new hires in the first 12 months. “If they leave, I will take it personally to fix the problem for you. That’s how much I believe in our system,” he said.

Azaan believed that the method used by big hiring companies is outdated and not made for the 21st century. “We want to spread our methodology to these hiring companies. We have the right tools to eliminate all the questions and the gray areas in the hiring process. And make it a true partnership between HR and the direct operations,” he said.

Azaan said that Strafe Search® is a tool proven to land suitable candidates and increase their retention rate. Since 2020, their platform has played an essential role in the hiring process of numerous companies. It helped organizations across different industries to find the right candidate who will stay long-term in their companies.

An Invitation

Azaan invites organizations to use Strafe Search® to find suitable candidates and better employee retention. 

If you are interested in using Strafe Search® to improve your hiring process, you could visit their website,, and drop them a message.