Are you ready to make the most of the season ahead and become great? Or are you looking to grow your business exponentially with simplicity? Cody is one of the industry’s most sought-after coaches, helping organizations and entrepreneurs break the glass ceiling of their personal and professional lives and grow their businesses like crazy!

This phenomenal coach achieves these milestones without his clients sacrificing their time, family, health, or soul on the altar of their success or impact. 

Initially, Cody served as a pastor for thirteen years. However, he changed his course since he wanted to help people differently. He founded Embrace The Lion, a company that has gone a long way in inspiring and molding men to scale their business, grow their impact and influence and establish a robust personal/professional life balance. 

Scale Your Lives & Businesses

Besides being a father, entrepreneur, public speaker, and business coach, Cody has helped his clients generate over $250M in client revenue, appeared in more than 150 podcast interviews, over 500 stages, and built a community of more than 4000. 

As a leading and informative speaker Cody has a considerable burden to help others scale their lives and businesses. He has done many businesses to be efficient and ensure that they can operate in different circumstances—the consistency, adaptability, longevity, and sustainability of most businesses.

Grow Your Impact & Influence

 Do you know that influence is power? To be an authority and leader in your business, you need to grow your impact and influence. You need to shift and direct your energy to align with your purposes and intentions. 

While speaking to people, Cody teaches them to follow through with their commitments, recognize their talents, do meaningful things, and share their ideas if they want to increase their influence. Cody works with his clients to ensure he imparts his influence on them to go and influence others. Additionally, Cody has worked on the advisory board for two private equity firms and is also a top 20 keynote speaker on personal empowerment, spiritual fulfillment overcoming adversity, and building business with an exit in mind. His rich experience in such matters has elevated him to be the go-to person for advice concerning life and business. 

Why Is Cody Jefferson The #1 Go-To Coach?

Cody’s expertise has been seasoned over close to two decades of walking with people through every experience of life to find health, healing, purpose, passion, and profit on the other side. Through conducting seminars, delivering keynotes, emceeing conferences, hosting workshops and delivering presentations, and leading over 50 intimate masterminds, his unique style always wows his audiences, leaving them entertained, engaged, and equipped.

His professionalism in handling his clients has elevated him to become a coveted coach. He is always patient with his audience, wanting everyone to benefit from what he tells them. 

He has helped thousands of women and men step into their power and potential to date. With over 500 stages under his belt, you could say Cody is at home when he is teaching, leading, and communicating. 

For more information, you can connect to Cody Jefferson