Many people often misunderstand introversion and extraversion and think that if they display characteristics of both, they must be a combination of the two. This is often called AMBIVERSION. 

The truth is that many people do fall somewhere in the middle of the introversion/extraversion continuum so this is an easy assumption to make. You can be an outgoing introvert or a reserved extrovert. Yes, such things do exist.  But it’s more likely that you are one or the other because of how our brains are wired and because your brain does have a preference! So what’s really going on when people say they are both?

You could be an introvert engaging in extraverted behavior because that’s where the social and vocational incentives are. That’s an entire conversation for another post/another day. Maybe that’s how you stay safe. You feel you have to put on a cloak of extraverted energy to keep your job, to keep your relationships, to keep yourself emotionally and psychologically safe. Maybe you perceive a social stigma around introversion and want to avoid it. Or maybe, just maybe you are an extrovert/extravert who ‘gets tired of people (which is perceived as *introvert* behavior).

The truth is, at some point, we ALL get tired of being around others or being surrounded by stimuli. That’s not just an “introvert thing.” The real question is when you are alone, how do you recharge? Introversion/extraversion is a continuum, and it’s NOT about sociability. It’s about ENERGY. When you start framing this around energy and not around behaviors, you might be surprised what you come to understand about yourself and others!

Three Kindnesses is a philosophy and model of behavior that helps individuals and organizations better understand the why behind people’s behaviors and the intentions behind their actions. When we create safe environments, cultivate empathy around others’ wiring and experiences, and honor that diversity of people’s neurological wiring, we create a better, kinder, more inclusive world for everyone. 

The People Behind Three Kindnesses

Odell Mitchell III, Esq. is an attorney and an organizational effectiveness consultant. He believes that there is nothing more important than creating safe environments for everyone. His experience as a Creative Trainer at Apple laid the foundation for creating robust and fun learning experiences. After attending law school, passing the bar, and launching his solo entertainment law practice, he became a leadership development facilitator at a major global airline. This provided him the opportunity to further embrace his penchant for client care by creating safe, inclusive training sessions. In his work as co-founder of Three Kindnesses, Odell brings his own lived experience to every session in a way that makes people feel both safe and challenged. Above all, he believes that he is here to help people achieve their deepest human desire–the desire to be seen. 

After starting her career as a college professor, Dr. Angela Cox has gone on to spend almost two decades in HR and corporate Learning and Development at Fortune 500 companies, building a brand of quirky enthusiasm with a strong academic focus. She has designed hundreds of e-Learning modules, in-person and virtual workshops, and engaging offsite experiences for corporate real estate firms, the construction & mining industry, the medical field, and the US government and military. Throughout her career, in spite of an ever-expanding list of experiences and credentials, her neurodivergent brain struggled to understand exactly where she fits in and where she could do her best work. After many years shaving off her quirky edges, Angela stepped out of the corporate world to become the co-founder of Three Kindnesses in hopes of being the change she wanted to see and to offer others permission and freedom that she always craved from her work environments. Three Kindnesses gives people permission to be their authentic selves and to create environments where they can thrive, find safety, and be valued for their unique skills, wiring, identity, and experiences. This is the beating heart of Three Kindnesses: permission. Permission to be you. Quirks, edges, and all.

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