The job of the CEO is an extremely crucial one. We can say it is the most important job in every organisation, and we will not be wrong.

From formulating strategy and direction for the company to providing effective leadership to every member of the organisation, the job of the CEO is in multiple and numerous faces. However, by far one of the most tasking jobs of the CEO is that of hiring new staff.

In today’s world of business, it is very important for companies to only hire persons with utmost integrity. This is because the quality and integrity of members of a company go a long way in determining overall business success. For instance, it is bad publicity for a company if it is reported that they have persons of questionable character in their workforce.  

To help companies avoid this, it is best that they gather thorough information about such employee even before they are hired. These information are quite difficult to come by, but GoLookUp has made that extremely seamless.

GoLookUp is an online directory that allows you to search background information on anyone whatsoever. Through its People Search Tool, you can get full information about anyone, enabling you to make important verifications.

This is a tool that CEOs should use before conducting interviews, and there are several reasons that make that highly necessary. Here, we list 4 of them:

●  Comprehensive Information     

GoLookUp gives you access to arguably the most extensive database of information on anyone. Every unit of information that you need to make proper judgement about the person to be interviewed can be found on GoLookUp.

These information typically include everything from their real contact information, including emails and actual documents. They also include the person’s arrest and criminal records, showing specific details. 

●      Concise and Easy to Use

Another reason you want to use GoLookUp is that it is quite concise and straight to the point. As a CEO with countless responsibilities, you don’t want to spend so much time on an activity like this. Thus, you need a service that cuts right to the matter and provides the most important information you need.

Quite close to this is the fact that the service is very easy to use. There are over 300 million persons in the USA, and we can only imagine how difficult it is to locate the information of a particular person.

However, GoLookUp solves all that by making the process as simple as possible. All you need to do to locate the information of anyone is to enter the first name and surname alongside the state where the person is based. This way, you can have the information desired within minutes. 

●      Assists in Candidate Selection 

The point of an interview is to decide if a person is perfectly suited for the job, based on what such person has done in the past. However, the information need to make this decision are usually limited. Most times, companies only have the curriculum vitae (CV) or Resumé of the candidate to make a proper judgement.

However, with the comprehensive information you get on GoLookUp, you have enough information to make an informed choice by doing a complete background check to prospective candidates.

●      Makes an Impression on a Prospective Employee

Employees perform best in workplaces they believe care about them. One of the best ways to make the impression that you care is to gather enough information about such candidates to form talking points during interviews. This becomes even more important if such a candidate is a highly sought talent. 

GoLookUp is a highly comprehensive database providing background information about anyone. CEOs can utilize this to make their hiring processes much better.