Rain Eye Drops

The Rain brand just launched a new product, an eye drop which can be used every day for the prevention of dry eyes. This eye drop helps to moisturize the eyes and provide some sort of lubricant to reduce eye strain which might have occurred due to too much screen time.

The best part of this new product is that it is preservative-free. This might come as a little shock considering that other eye drop brands contain preservatives and chemicals. This spurs us to wonder about the whole idea behind this unique product.

In our discussion with Rain Eye drops representatives, they extensively discussed so many key issues behind their product. They particularly emphasized in their unique value proposition and the reason behind their product.

What is the inspiration behind producing the Rain Renewal Eye Drops?

For us, the inspiration to produce the Rain Renewal Eye Drops, a preservative-free eye drop, stemmed from the fact that a lot of people are now working remotely and have had to be indoors, especially since 2020. Hence, this has resulted in many people coming up with chronic eye problems due to excessive straining of the eyes on digital gadgets like phones, laptops, television and a lot more.

Of all the eye problems, the one that stands out the most is eye strain and dry eyes. We wanted to help people battling with these problems and it was against this backdrop that we opted to create a new product to help moisturize the eye.

What is distinct about the Rain Renewal Eye Drops?

It’s simple actually. As opposed to other big brands that produce eye drops, our value proposition is the creation of a preservative-free eye drop. This is because the last thing we wanted was for a problem to arise while trying to solve another.

Our product is unique because unlike other brands, it is devoid of chemicals and preservatives which can be harmful to the eyes in the long term.

Rain Renewal Eye Drops

What danger does preservatives in eye drops pose to the eyes?

For one, I’ll tell you that preservatives are not necessarily bad, but it does not automatically make them the good either.

Research has shown that eye drop preservatives can worsen chronic eye conditions and result in some really toxic effects such as too much evaporation of tears as well as reduction of the stability in the lipid layer.

Can you tell us the story behind this novel and innovative means of getting comfortable eyes?

Well, our product is novel and innovative and is already gaining national acclaim. There is not much story to tell. The formula behind our product is largely hinged on our company’s belief as well as that of our founders, which is to produce a new set of eye drops that would bear no harm to the user.

Finally, can you let us know what the preservative-free eye drop means to users?

For us to have produced such a unique product, it simply means one thing. And that is the fact that we have taken into full consideration the needs of our customers.

With our product, our customers will be able to make use of the eye drop every single day without fear of any damage being done to their eyes in the long run. For all of us at Rain Renewal Eye Drops, it is our ultimate goal.