People and technology—together, the two provide endless possibilities in the world of retail. Brett Beveridge, the founder, and CEO of The Revenue Optimization Companies (T-ROC) has recognized the powerful relationship between people and technology, which allowed him to grow a global retail solutions company with more than 6,000 employees and a gig workforce of more than 20,000 in the United States and Latin America. For him, maximizing their utility while embracing diversity paves the way for optimizing retail stores today.

About Brett Beveridge

Growing up, Beveridge knew he wanted to be an entrepreneur. From operating a lawn service at nine years old to selling mobile phones out of the back of a van at 23 years old, entrepreneurship was natural for him. He started T-ROC as a blank canvas, which eventually transformed into a platform that provides various services from finance to information technology. Through its operations, retail expertise, best practices, and technology, these attributes converge to create solutions designed to increase sales and reduce costs, consequently delivering a sustainable competitive advantage for its clients. 

Different Industries Have Different Needs

The needs of a retail store vary depending on the kind of retail store it is. It is essential to avoid using the same solution for different problems to optimize business operations. For instance, the services T-ROC provides would depend on the type of store, which is ​​either corporate-owned, FRANCHISE, OR DEALER  retail store. They would have to assess whether a business requires their assistance in terms of distribution, staffing, and supervising, among others. In other cases, T-ROC also operates stores on the owner’s behalf. Ultimately, with proper assessment, research, and test validation, T-ROC can execute its work flawlessly to optimize a retail store’s sales process.

Hiring the Right People

T-ROC’s team consists of various experts for each of the service areas it handles such as finance, marketing, recruiting, technology, and beyond. They recommend to their clients to also do the same when it comes to having experts in necessary service areas. T-ROC provides a service to support clients in finding the right staff. This approach makes specific skills and expertise available when problems arise in the different retail operations T-ROC aims to optimize. It is essential to conduct a job analysis to establish the duties, responsibilities, and competencies required for a given position, allowing a company to hire the right people. In addition, it is also imperative that your team consists of individuals who share your vision and are understanding, dependable, and supportive to other team members.

Embracing Change

Despite the roadblocks, Beveridge underwent throughout his entrepreneurial journey, his creativity, and acceptance of reinvention allowed him to overcome challenges. As a result, he adjusted well to the changing times and demands of the people. As one of the leading individuals in the retail and technology industry, Beveridge continuously studies and stays up to date with the latest trends. With that, he maintains an edge to stay ahead in an ever-evolving, fast-paced, and competitive industry.