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The year is 2022, and we have an overflow of websites on the internet. Gone are the days when you do not need­ to take your business website seriously. In today’s world, where 86% of people transact online, there is a significant need to secure a good spot on the websites’ ratings. 

If you have a website or are about to create one, whether you provide goods or services, the Site Helpers have got some hacks that would be helpful for your business. Providing valuable content that will put your business at the forefront is a top priority for The Site Helpers. 

In this interview with the Site Helpers team, you’ll get answers to some of the questions on your mind about the latest website hacks.

What Makes a Website Stand Out and Be Memorable?

A website with a great user interface, simple designs, and a clear statement of purpose leaves a memorable impression in users’ minds. Pay attention to these details as they are the first things a user comes in contact with. 

In addition to those, page responsiveness and website speed are also essential elements that make a website stand out.

What Common Mistakes Do You See Website Owners make?

The first is poor design and interface layout. The first thing users come across is the design and layout. If that can’t make a good impression, why do they have to stay on the website? Remember to keep the design simple and not chaotic.

A second common mistake we see in websites is the lack of mobile friendliness. A website is designed for people. Just like how the human experience is prioritized in a traditional store, the same experience should be prioritized on your website.

Another is a website’s lack of security. A poorly secured website is a target for hackers. As a website owner, put in your mind the security of your website.

How Has the Website Game Changed Compared to Previous Years?

In the ’90s, there were only about 3,000 websites. Now, over 1.5 billion websites exist, and about 60% of the world’s population are active websites users. 

These stats just go on to show that websites have become an important asset in today’s world. This is a crucial reason why you should look into upscaling your website in 2022.

Website hacks from The Site Helpers

What Tricks Does One Need to Upscale a Website in 2022?

We have realized some hacks to help your website at the Site Helpers this new year. One is ensuring your website speed is good enough for your users. Your website’s landing page should not take too long to boot. This might make users click away.

Also, ensure your SEO strategy is top-notch. You can achieve this by consistently using relevant keywords to improve your website’s ranking and ensure that various elements, such as articles, images, URLs, and header tags, fit into your keyword. 

Furthermore – though you may have probably heard it before – fresh, consistent, and relevant content will always be a bonus for website upscaling. Study the psyche of your users and produce new contents that feed that.

Where can website owners get further up-to-date information as the year goes by?

The Site Helpers! We are always ready to see you grow and navigate your businesses successfully. You can reach out to us on our official website at or connect with us on FacebookTwitter, and Instagram.