No one can deny how technology has altered and transformed the business landscape. Automation is one of the technologies which is reshaping many businesses across industries. With automation, there is a reduction in human intervention in several business processes. Even in the healthcare sector, automation is becoming a trend.

Self-made millionaire Matt Prados said that healthcare providers need to embrace automation because it is inevitable. Matt added that all industries, including the healthcare sector, are moving in that direction. “If healthcare providers fail to adopt automation, they might have difficulty surviving the highly competitive market,” he said.

Matt is among the trailblazers when talking about automation for healthcare providers.  He established the software company, Review Wave. The software company helps chiropractors, doctors, dentists, and other healthcare professionals provide them with the best platform for reputation management and review marketing. For Matt, technology can help improve the lives of many people through a better patient experience.

Misconception On Automation

Matt admitted that many healthcare providers are hesitant about business automation. He explained that they have a misconception that automation will make their business not personal. However, he disagreed with this notion. “I think it is the opposite. The more you automate those nonpersonal things in your business, the more you can be personal the rest of the time,” he argued.

“When you skip automation for your healthcare business, it brings inconvenience to your patients. Several years back, I dug into my clients’ negative feedback to know why some clients get more reviews while others do not. I found out that patients are unhappy at the doctor’s office. Your patient might have difficulty setting an appointment or are annoyed with filling up the multiple pages of the form before they get checked by a doctor. Inconvenience can result in a bad impression that can lead to lower patient retention,” Matt expounded.

Matt said that several healthcare providers fail to recognize that it is beneficial to automate nonpersonal processes in their business. “Do you need to be personal in scheduling an appointment or filling out the forms? Those are business processes that you can automate so you can focus on the more personal aspect of your business,” Matt pointed out.

The Review Wave founder asserted that automation could make it easier for existing patients to transact with healthcare providers. It will make a better patient experience that will give them more positive reviews from their patients. Positive reviews are essential in building a good reputation, which eventually entices new patients to tap their services.

Automation With Review Wave

Review Wave created software that centered on convenience and made the patient feel good. “You have good and bad experiences with your doctors. You might not have a great experience with a great doctor. We are here to help those doctors who are truly at the top of their field to create a better patient experience,” he shared.

Matt pointed out that each part of their software is not another version of something already existing in the market. It offers the best version that healthcare practitioners could get.

The entrepreneur revealed that their online scheduling app had become the most sought-after tool in their marketing automation toolbox. Since it is a 24/7 scheduling app, it is easier for new patients to book appointments with a medical practitioner or a chiropractor anytime, anywhere. Meanwhile, existing patients can now book or reschedule follow-up appointments through the app any time of the day. 

Matt said that the online scheduling app helped reduce inbound calls by 70% and resulted in fewer no-shows and cancellations, which significantly impacted a business’s bottom line. “We are also elated on the positive reviews that our mobile app is getting on the mobile app store. Some of the patients expressed their delight on the app. It allowed them to visit their doctors because scheduling appointments is hassle-free frequently. Now, it is making a difference in many people’s lives,” he added.

“We developed our software around the concept of convenience. That is why we made it super easy to use and kept the interface clean. People are seeing their doctor more often because it is so easy to schedule appointments. Those are the little things that help improve people’s lives,” Matt said.

The Entrepreneur Behind The Software 

Matt’s entrepreneurship journey began not as the founder of a software company. He started the first of his two companies 12 years ago. It is a digital marketing company that offers AdWords, Facebook ads, conversion optimization, and other digital marketing strategies to chiropractors. “We grew from zero to a million dollars annually, pretty much immediately,” he said.

Several years later, Matt found his second company, Review Wave. It is a software company that assists healthcare professionals in embracing automation to provide a better healthcare experience to their patients. Before Review Wave, Matt had never run a software company. He might not have managed a software company, but he knows the metrics to monitor carefully. He used his experience in running a digital marketing company as the foundation for leading a software company.

“Honestly, I am a non-technical founder, but I have a superpower to talk to developers and geeks and get what I want. My ability to communicate properly is among my greatest advantages. Communication is the basis of all success in everything in life. And I had sales and executive backgrounds, so running my software company was completely new to me,” Matt explained.

Now, it is your time to create a better patient experience. Take the opportunity!

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