In 1999, Daniel Snyder became the owner of the Washington Football Team. Since then, he has spent millions of dollars in an effort to make the team one of the best in the National Football League (NFL). He has also donated millions of dollars to various programs aimed at improving the lives of Washington D.C. residents.

Snyder Has Been Around the Team His Entire Life

Daniel Snyder would often attend Washington home games with his dad when he was a young boy, and he says that his love of football was something that influenced him greatly while growing up. In March 2000, he would sell his marketing company to a French firm for more than $2.3 billion, and Snyder would use the money from the sale to complete the purchase of the Football Team franchise.

Almost $100 Million Has Been Spent to Improve FedEx Field

A variety of improvements have been made to FedEx Field in the past decade to enhance the fan experience. For instance, new video boards were installed that feature LED graphics and other features designed to make following the game a more interesting experience.

Furthermore, 1,000 televisions were installed throughout the stadium concourses so that fans can watch the game while standing in line for food or to use the restroom. Finally, the team has enhanced its wireless network to make it easier for fans to use their mobile devices while at the stadium.

Money Was Also Spent to Improve the Team’s Training Facility

The Football Team trains primarily at Inova Sports Performance Center at The Park in Loudoun County. Since 2012, Snyder has invested a significant amount of capital improving the weight room, cafeteria and media gathering areas. Furthermore, improvements have been made to the hydrotherapy stations as well as the formal athletic training area. These upgrades were made as a way of showing the team’s commitment to the local community.

Dan Snyder Is a Friend of America’s Servicemembers

Salute is an organization affiliated with the Washington franchise that seeks to honor members of the military throughout the year. It hosts a series of events such as pregame parties at FedEx Field for servicemembers and their families. In 2016, the Washington Football Team took part in an effort to build a smart home for a fan who was paralyzed while serving in the Army.

Daniel Snyder Is the Founder of The Washington Charitable Foundation

The Charitable Foundation has committed nearly $29 million to both groups and individuals in need of financial assistance. This philanthropic organization is touted as a joint effort between the Washington Football Team and community leaders, and it seeks to provide educational, health and other vital services.

The Loads of Love program is one example of how this partnership has been able to improve the lives of impoverished citizens. It provides funds to schools and community centers that are used to install laundry facilities that students can access in a discreet manner. Research has shown that children who don’t have access to such facilities are less likely to participate in sports and other activities.

Dan Snyder Has Also Donated to International Relief Operations

After a tsunami struck Indonesia in 2004, Snyder organized a relief effort to send food, medicine and other supplies to those who were impacted by the natural disaster. In 2016, he had two Washington players personally deliver supplies to Haiti to help residents recover from the devastation caused by Hurricane Matthew.

Snyder Has Business Interests Outside of Football

Dan Snyder is a founding member of both inVentiv Health and Red Zebra Broadcasting, LLC. He also serves as a key investor or advisor to a number of startup companies that operate in Washington D.C. and throughout the country.

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