Ron Bauer is the co-founder of Theseus Capital, He helps teach founders how to raise capital and eventually go public. He helps mentor entrepreneurs and founders on everything from startup ventures to late-stage companies that have been around for decades. 

This dynamic venture capitalist business mentor helps them understand the best and most efficient way to raise additional capital and eventually go public on a global stock exchange, whether it’s on NASDAQ, the NYSE, the London Stock Exchange (LSE), or one of the Canadian exchanges. 

How Ron Mentors Founders

In mentoring founders, Ron looks at their investor materials, corporate websites, investor presentations, executive summary or financial models, business plans, and corporate videos. If they don’t have these materials, Ron helps them create these suites of investor materials from scratch and perfect them.

He shows them success stories of companies that he has been involved in. He then helps them maximize their material by listening to their investor pitch to help them improve it.

Ron helps them understand the psychology of the pitch, why people would invest and why they would not. Next, he gives them options and opportunities for the best pathway to go down and seek financing.

The following are some of the ways Ron is helping mentor entrepreneurs and founders: 

  1. Preparing their Collateral Materials

When the business is in its very early stages, Ron helps them tell their story and package their business. He helps them find an experienced copywriter and a qualified graphic designer. He helps guide them to create their perfect set of collateral materials that include; an executive summary, investor presentation, business plan, financial model, corporate website, and corporate video. According to Ron, every company should have these arsenals of materials to help them raise capital.

Ron ensures that each aspect is well designed and asks fundamental questions. For example, did you use a copywriter? Did you use a graphic designer?

  • Investor Pitch

Ron then proceeds to help them with their investor pitch. What is their story, and how are they telling it to potential investors?

With over 20 years of experience, Ron has presented thousands of pitches and closed dozens of deals. He has had significant success stories and many failures and understands the psychology of pitching investors.

Ron can distinguish between the good, the bad, and the ugly, which is why he helps founders navigate that scary minefield. 

  • Making Introductions 

If your business or company is in its early stages, go to your friends and family. You can then go to a crowdfunding platform or venture capital investors to evaluate different offerings for your business. If you don’t need to do any crowdfunding, you could go straight to a pre-IPO or bridge round with institutional investors because your business is a little more advanced. 

Choosing more than one Underwriter or investment bank to work with is reasonable. The aim is to give you all the right potential contacts. Ron will help provide date information on who is successful today because past success does not guarantee future success.


Ron has an excellent proven track record of helping entrepreneurs and founders scale up their startup ventures from early-stage seed funding to late-stage ventures. He has been an active investor in several companies that have completed trade sales and mergers into public companies. 

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