Statistics on higher education students’ enrollment reveal that in 2022, students’ admission dropped by 9.4%. Traditional students’ admission processes have been slow, expensive, and ineffective.

Daniel Curtis, the CEO of ZCS company, uses his 20 years of experience in artificial intelligence and machine learning to help universities achieve full admission capacity. With artificial intelligence, you can identify various student needs that you could leverage to offer exceptional services to students and optimize their retention.

What is Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence is the application of human traits like logical reasoning in computer systems to help them mimic real human thinking and problems solving qualities. Do you know that you can accurately predict the number of students your university will admit per program in the upcoming academic year?

Daniel Curtis uses his artificial intelligence and machine learning expertise to help you achieve optimal admission capacity. He aims to help you have maximum admission of students in all courses available in your departments.

How Artificial Intelligence Saves You Time and Cost In Students Enrollment

  • Increases Speed

Daniel’s ZCS company is highly optimized to speed up the admission process of new students. The artificial intelligence technology giant has designed algorithms to help sort for you the persons who would most likely be admitted to your university. The system is more effective when sorting out large data sets of prospective students.

Using the company’s artificial intelligence software, you can sort person’s that you expect to join the university into a target list that your admission officers can easily handle.

  • Identify Student’s Expectations

Daniel would help you design your academic programs to satisfy students’ needs continuously. The greatest challenge the universities face has been students dropping out of the programs they were admitted for.

The data collected through artificial intelligence would direct you to guide the prospective student’s whether your programs meet their specific needs or if they would need an improvement on the same. ZCS company would help you surpass students’ expectations, increasing their retention rate.

  • Saves You On Costs

With the traditional system, student enrollment has been so costly. Universities have been forced to hire many student admission officers to speed up the process. Even with these concerted efforts, universities continue recording variances in students admission. Artificial intelligence and machine learning make the admission process cheap, smooth, and faster. Since most operations are automated, you would not have a bulging wage bill for the admission officers.

Wrap Up

Artificial intelligence would help you reduce costs and save time admitting new students. Data collected through ZCS’s algorithms would help you understand students’ expectations that guide you on what program aspects you should focus on.

Therefore, the high potential of surpassing students’ expectations would boost their retention rate. For more information on how to procure ZCS’s software to better your student enrollment, contact Daniel Curtis on LinkedIn.