It sounds the dream, right? As we know, in some areas of the world, houses fly off the market the same day they were listed. In many others however, it’s just not like this, and selling your home for anything close to the market value feels like a challenge at best.

While we can’t promise that you are going to add a five-figure sum onto your sale price, through today’s guide we are going to unveil several low-cost tips that can give you the best possible chance of selling your home for a figure that you deserve.

Let’s now dive into some of the tactics.

Make accessorizing (or is it called staging) your top priority

There are all sorts of buzzwords in the real estate industry, as you’ll probably come to find out.

One of the more recent ones comes in the form of staging. In short, this is a fancy way of saying ‘accessorizing’, but it can make all of the difference.

For years sellers have placed excessive emphasis on making those expensive, high-impact changes, when in reality much smaller alterations can be just as impressive.

For example, let’s take a look at this page from Avas Flowers. Avas Flowers have become the go-to brand in many areas of the country for home inspiration, with their products often becoming the focal point of any room they grace. These Avas Flowers shots show that you don’t have to knock down walls to make an impact in your home; you can add a spruce of color and fragrance and wow potential suitors.

It doesn’t just stop at flowers, though. It might be ornaments, or even soft furnishings (such as rugs, curtains etc). In fact, some people will go as granular as placing a fruit bowl on the table, even though they rarely eat fruit! Staging is all about making a home look like what most people are desiring.

Curb appeal: It is a buzzword for a reason

We’re going to assume you’ve heard this phrase by now. When we spoke about buzzwords in the previous paragraph, curb appeal is right up there with the best.

The simplest definition is that it’s the first impressions a person gets as they walk up to your home.

Ultimately, the front façade of your home is important. Is the garden in optimum condition? Again, don’t worry about spending huge sums here, but mowing the grass and weeding can be easy wins. Or, what about the front door? Is paint peeling? You know what you have to do.

Scrutinize the front of your home and get to the bottom of all of the above issues. You’ll be amazed at the effect it has on your home’s value.

Research your real estate agent as much as you can

While the first two points depend on you making changes to your home, the next one is more about a strategic decision. Which real estate agent should you go with?

This is crucial when it comes to getting the fairest price possible for your home. Some agents are renowned for lowballing; placing properties on the market at an exceptionally low price just to garner interest and ultimately, make a quick sale.

By the opposite token, some agents go the other way. They want to boost the price to record levels but as a result, they gain very little, if any, interest.

Unsurprisingly, you need to find a happy medium. Get several valuations (and take into account all of the fees etc) and go from there.