Music is an art of passing important information in society through songs. Most people who make excellent music are those who do it as a passion rather than a business. However, most passionate musicians lack support in their work, thus being useless. 

Alain Merville is a musician who has dedicated most of his time and resources to supporting society’s musicians. He does these with a firm belief that music is an essential art that can transform our communities. 

Merville is a popular public figure. But who exactly is he?

Alain Merville 

Alain Merville wasn’t born or raised in a family of music lovers. He was introduced to musical instruments when he attained the age of fourteen. He attended piano lessons for one year before venturing to NY for paying gigs as a musician. 

Since Merville developed a deep love for music, he decided to join the Berklee College of Music, where he got an excellent opportunity of sharpening his music skills. He learned numerous music skills such as music production, musical director, among other things.  

He cultivated his passion and love for music since he was introduced to piano lessons. He made up his mind and decided to channel his investment in supporting passionate musicians. How does Merville support musicians? Read more in this article. 

The Formation of the 

After Alain Merville decided to support talented musicians, he established YousicPlay is an online music platform that allows young talents to link with prominent musicians and build their music skills. 

This platform offers exceptional skills and experience through its lessons and programs. Passionate musicians get an opportunity to put their talent on display and acquire the necessary support to attain their desired goals. 

Merville serves as the Chief Executive Officer of this platform following its expertise and experience in the music industry. The YousicPlay is thriving to display different music genres for the young talents to learn all music-related performance skills. 

Benefits of the to Musicians 

This online music platform offers lessons to musicians at an affordable price. During the lessons, the students get an opportunity to interact with famous musicians such as Ne-Yo, thus sharpening their whips. offers online lessons. This point means that any passionate musician can access and benefit directly from the lessons. During the Covid-19 pandemic period, the lessons continued as usual since they were not affected in any manner. 

Alain Merville also ventured into writing course books for courses. This mode of educating young talents has also helped to shape upcoming musicians in the industry. 

Alain Merville has greatly impacted passionate musicians’ lives and believes that this will transform the music industry. 

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