Agam Berry is a successful entrepreneur and online advertising expert, who cofounded the Quantified Commerce agency, which uses information and innovation to assist clients with their advertising strategies. A 2010 Punjab University graduate, Berry has lived and breathed online advertising ever since. Away from his work with clients, he spends some of his spare time offering his thoughts about ecommerce, the role of online platforms in growing a profitable company, and how ecommerce affects Indian consumers.

We caught up Agam Berry recently, to talk to him about his background and all things ecommerce.

Why were you drawn to ecommerce originally?

More and more people are turning to the Internet to buy products, so I felt it was clear that companies should react accordingly, and embrace ecommerce as a way of selling their products and services. A skillfully implemented ecommerce strategy allows companies to reach wider audiences from across the world. More than a billion people in India live in remote rural locations. Conventional brick and mortar companies find it difficult to serve these consumers, but eStores are far more accessible to this market — especially because the number of Internet shoppers is forever increasing in non-urban areas.

Can you explain more about your company Quantified Commerce?

We are an advertising and ecommerce agency based in New York, but with staff in India too. We do a lot of work with ecommerce platforms designed for global markets. Until now, we have experienced solid growth and are developing cutting edge strategies that work. Seeing the business expand to its’ current point has been fascinating, and I am looking forward to what the future holds.

Why do you think you have had success in this industry?

I believe it’s because I do not take anything for granted. Whenever I think of promising ideas, I never assume that they are the finished article, and try to make additional improvements. Another reason for the success I’ve enjoyed is that I have learned to embrace failure as a positive experience. Many of my previous projects were complete flops, however I always regarded this as helpful in determining how to do better next time. Eventually, I discovered that devising good advertising methods is the best way to avoid falling short.

How do you think online marketing will develop in India over the coming years?

I think India is about to undergo a transformation in the way commercial transactions occur, with the increase in fast broadband and access to computers. Businesses are starting to see how profitable the Indian marketplace could be. India’s population has intrigued businesses for years, however connecting with it has been a challenge. In the years to come, this will not be so much the case.

How can people stay up to date with your ecommerce insights? They can get all my ecommerce and advertising advice by visiting my personal website. Also, they can follow me on Twitter or Facebook, and visit my company’s website