customer loyalty concept

For small and medium enterprises (SMEs), implementing a sound customer value management strategy can be a great way to build attention for the brand and convince customers to keep coming back. Part of that strategy might well include the use of loyalty marketing to incentivize repeat business from existing customers. While there’s a wide range of ideas to try out in that regard, here are a few of the more effective avenues that you should be targeting.

Check-In Specials 

Imagine combining social media and discounts into one loyalty marketing scheme? You might just be envisioning a check-in special, where you offer your customers discounts and promotional items if they “check-in” at one of your physical locations using a social app like Facebook. In addition to enticing your customer with a reward, check-ins are great because they’ll help you spread the word about your brand through social channels.

Referral Rewards

Incentivizing referrals is a great way to net a few new customers while earning loyalty from your current customers. When an existing customer convinces a friend to try out your product/service, reward them both with something tangible so that you can reap the optimum benefit from this technique, and up the reward for more new business referred.

Customer Surveys

Customer surveys can help you learn more about what your customers want to see from your business and what they’re currently enjoying. You can reach your customers with surveys through multiple avenues (online, through the mail, etc.) so with the right combination of channels you’ll maximize your reach. A good survey will help you strategize, and for your customers, you can build goodwill and loyalty by incentivizing your surveys with discounts, giveaways, and other benefits.

Birthdays And Anniversary Specials

If you’re maintaining info about your customers, then you might know important dates like their birthdays or anniversary. Remembering those dates, then doing something special like offering a small gift or discount for a new purchase can help instill loyalty among your customer base. What’s more, if people know that you offer such perks, they may be more inclined to sign up for mailing lists, which can help for future marketing efforts.

VIP Status

If you want to make some customers feel special, you can make them special through a members-only exclusive program that offers perks and deals. Being a part of the club will help customers in trusting your brand, and can also make them more excited to check out your products/services, since they’re getting that special treatment.