In the world today, most people who do good get rewarded in almost everything they do. In the heart of Slovenia is a young man striving to achieve his dreams. Together with a group of individuals, he has created a world-class masterpiece never seen before. A golden masterpiece that is not only making headlines but also winning international awards. 

Born to an international fine arts dealer, Kristjan Podgornik was inspired by art and became one of Slovenia’s youngest entrepreneurs. Inspired by his father’s words and work, he endeavored to produce the best and finest olive oil in the world. Something he achieved through his business, but he didn’t stop there. He had to add a sparkle of greatness to his new creation. The following are three essential lessons that business startups can learn from this ‘golden model.’

1. Be Creative

Kristjan added 24 karat gold flakes in each bottle of this world-class oil to make the ultimate product. The olive oil produced by Golden Experience is the most luxurious olive oil in the global economy and has found its way on many prominent celebrities’ hands and kitchens. The list of his clients ranges from renowned actors, musicians, and the former first lady of America, Melania Trump. All these great people confirm the greatness within the olive oil.

The goldenness of the product is in the oil and how the masterpiece is presented to the world. The golden experience olive oil comes boxed in a handmade velvet box decorated with golden drawings and words. Inside is a glass bottle with a tree logo engraved with gold. The transparent glass presents the colorful fluid that is indeed majestic and attractive. Finally, the product is delivered to the buyer with a personalized card and a message of good faith and positive wishes to top it off. 

2. Don’t Put Money First

Kristjan Podgornik, the creator of this historical product, advises that this is not just an ordinary bottle of olive oil but one that should be enjoyed and shared with special loved ones. Why? Because it is a special gift that reflects the beauty and passion of Slovenia. He encourages his clients to invite their loved ones and share this greatness with them, especially with a meal of meat and fish. His main purpose in creating this international award winner was not to make money but to showcase Slovenia’s greatness to the world.

Through this Golden Experience Olive Oil, the beauty of Slovenia is showcased to the world. His loyalty to his country is depicted in every bottle of golden olive oil. The Golden Experience olive oil is enjoyed by big names such as Will Smith, John Malkovich, and Samuel L. Jackson, only to name a few. Kristjan Podgornik admits that this product is one reason he has crossed paths with the most prominent names in the international entertainment industry.

3. Have A Global Vision

Kristjan Podgornik is the founder of Golden Experience, the architect of this international beauty, and a jack of all trades. He is a special events organizer and an international promoter. Over the years, he has gradually gathered a considerable number of followers, both celebrities. Kristjan Podgornik’s deep knowledge of his country has helped him organize his guest’s best tours and unforgettable experiences. Through these events, he has broken bread with influential people such as Will Smith. 

For a young entrepreneur loyal to his roots, Kristjan Podgornik has achieved greatness. Because of his outstanding creation, events, and wanting the best experiences for everyone he associates with globally, he has been rewarded by international glory and recognition.