Mike Singletary has focused on helping others in this COVID-19 era. The former 49ers coach has been actively engaged in the Chicago community where he participates in the “Minority and rural health coronavirus study.” But he is also doing much more. Mike is the co-founder of the National Child ID program, where he is fighting against coronavirus and saving children. “It’s time to re-evaluate our priorities,” said the Hall of Famer. Mike is also hailed as the “heart of the defense” for arguably one of the most significant defensive units in NFL history. 

Recently, Mike Singletary was pictured seated Next to Donald Trump in what appeared to be inside Airforce One. President Trump uploaded the picture on his Twitter feed with the comment, “Great to spend time with Mike Singletary while going to Texas. He is one of the greatest football players ever-A strong man and a perfect person.” There was no hint about what the two were discussing or any inclination that Mike supported the President’s re-election. 

But there must be a reason why Mike Singletary got a shoutout from the President. Mike has a jaw-dropping history in the NFL. He is remembered for his intense playing and innovative 46-defense for the Chicago Bears. He moved from 18-22 as head coach for the Niners, raised hell with rants, demeaned Vernon Davis after a wrong penalty, and dropped his pants half-way through a speech. 

Mike was coaching a high school football team in Dallas last Winter. But even while in Texas, he still participated in community help groups from Chicago. He has been advocating for a series of platforms during this COVID-19 season, including the urgency with which America needs to save its children. Mike is also at the forefront with Blue Flame Medical, where they are actively responding to the country’s shortage for medical supplies. 

The Historic Partnership with Blue Flame CMO Athens Ramseyer 

Donald Trump is a businessman with an eye for talented professionals. No doubt the President heard about Mike Singletary’s historic partnership with Blue Flame CMO Athens Ramseyer. The two joined forces to fight the pandemic and save children. John Thomas was the first to meet Athens Ramseyer during his run as a political strategist for CNN and FOX News. Ramseyer’s Sciential is a digital marketing agency founded on the logic of psychology. The agency leverages psychology to help determine why customers buy. They then use that information for great marketing. 

Athens and John Thomas founded a company known as Blue Flame Medical. The company provides medical supplies and health logistics to doctors, governments, citizens, first responders, and health care systems by giving them the tools to fight COVID-19. 

Athens has partnered with some of the biggest names in the business circles, including Ellen Degeneres & Leo Livshetz of Tom Ford for UnHide, “The Wolf of Wall Street” Jordan Belfort, Airbnb, Dr. Garth Fisher (The Kardashian’s Family Aesthetics Doctor), and many others. The company’s response to the COVID 19 pandemic has put them in the limelight. Mike Singletary partnered with the company to help underserved communities. 

“You begin to look at those numbers for the underserved communities, and it should say that we should get out and do something about it. It is so important to bring access to those communities. And, if anybody does test positive, they can get a free kit, and they (the medical personnel) will stay in contact with them,” says Mike Singletary.

Closing Remarks

After Mike met with Donald Trump, the Trump administration gave out $35 million in grants to help human trafficking survivors. The grant will help numerous organizations across 34 states. Mike Singletary partnered with Mike Gula from Blue Flame Medical, and the two have been setting the foundation for the country’s most extensive distribution of PPE supplies. Gula is another active member of the organization and has been involved in a series of fundraising events. 

It is lovely to see the 49ers legend playing a role at this critical time in our society. The country is experiencing a huge shortage of PPE and other vital tools. Yet, rather than sit down and watch, Mike Singletary and his partners are acting fast by responding to the deficit.