What attitude have you adopted to keep you on this path called life? Life has ups and downs, and to sustain yourself, you need to adopt a positive mentality. Mindset has immense power in that it gives a person drive. It is only with the right mentality that you can go far in life. 

Dr. Justin Moseley, popularly known as “The Mindset Doctor,” is a Mindset and Personal Transformation Coach and speaker. He is an authority in personal transformation. And the host of the Power of Mindset Summit.

Dr. Moseley pivoted from running his successful 7-figure business to becoming one of the most sought-after coaches and speakers. He coaches business owners who feel “stuck” and “frustrated” and looking for a breakthrough in their business and personal lives. 

Becoming The Mindset Doctor

At 16, Dr. Moseley read his first Tony Robbins book, Awaken the Giant within, which opened his mind to possibility. The thought that one does not have to settle for the way things are and that they could change their lives and be more; he decided to go on his own personal transformation journey. It was his commitment to personal growth that led to success in business. 

Dr. Moseley built a successful 7-figure business. But after surviving a near-death accident in 2018, Dr. Moseley began to reevaluate his life’s purpose and put himself on a mission to inspire and empower others to step into their POWER and live an abundant life. It was then that he put what he had been studying for years into practice. 

His success in coaching is a result of reading a wide variety of books. He has read over a hundred books a year for the last ten years—all about mindset, human performance, business, psychology, etc. Upon putting out content on mindset, he was getting invited to speak at mastermind groups, on podcasts, and on stages at seminars and conferences. Being a chiropractor by profession and speaking mindset led to him being nicknamed “The Mindset Doctor.”

What Makes Dr. Moseley Unique

Dr. Moseley has come to build a profound passion for studying human potential and what causes people to settle versus living up to their full purpose. He believes mindset is what people need the most. He started working with doctors first who would come to him for business help. Dr. Moseley realized that their strategy or procedure in their business was never the problem.  It was their level of mindset or personal growth and development that was holding them back.  It is then he that realized that by upgrading their beliefs, their businesses took off.  

Dr. Moseley has helped hundreds of business owners and entrepreneurs.  He has noticed that no matter what profession they are in when they grow themselves, their business grows.

Again, there is a common thread of personal confidence and building personal power in all the books he has read. All these got him to believe in the power of mindset, and he continues to craft his skill sets to help others. 


From Dr. Justin Moseley, you can tell that mindset is everything; it influences a fulfilling life. Do not hesitate to reach out to him for top-notch coaching, life lessons on personal power, and mentality. 

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