Why Executive Joe Jedlowski Is Excited About VR Technology In 2022

Virtual reality is one of the technologies that promises to stay around for as long as possible. Consistent researches in VR have helped develop a three-dimensional virtual experience using innovative technologies. 

The prospects become even more exciting every year, with more realistic experiences being continually rolled out. 

Serial entrepreneur, Joe Jedlowski, shares his excitement in anticipation of what VR has in stock for 2022. Joe Jedlowski is the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Distinctive Living, and prior to that, he was also President and Owner of Milestone Retirement Communities, LLC. 

Why Executive Joe Jedlowski Is Excited About VR Technology In 2022

Tell us how you feel about VR in 2022

2022 has a lot in stock for the Virtual Reality world. Many VR gadgets are set for launch in 2022 from several tech giants, and a lot more are still in research and development waiting to be announced. 2022 undoubtedly holds a lot of promises and is set to change our perception of VR once again. 

There is a recent announcement about the change in vision by Metaverse, formerly Facebook. There is this promise of a more realistic VR experience from them, what are your thoughts on that? 

I have followed the news closely and observe the happenings at Facebook which promises a more realistic and interactive 3D experience with their recent rebranding to “Meterverse”, Apple’s AR and VR device to be launched in 2022 alongside PSVR, Oculus, and many more. 

It will be an exciting year indeed for the VR industry. 

There is a wide misconception among outsiders that VR is limited to gaming, to you, is this true? 

VR has a lot of use cases in real life. Virtual reality solves a lot of real-life problems, some of which include:

Education: Access to a more qualified learning experience becomes increasingly more possible with virtual reality. With the ability of VR to provide a near realistic experience, it will soon become the preferred choice of virtual learning dissemination. 

Meetings: Both official and social meetings are more accessible with VR. Going through stressful physical conditions to attend meetings is increasingly becoming needless. 

Through VR, you probably won’t need to leave your office to attend some meetings anymore. Why won’t I be excited about that? 

Healthcare: Healthcare consultation is easier with VR; patients have access to a more qualified consultation across states, countries, and continents. Personnel training becomes more sophisticated with VR technology as well.

There is a widely accepted belief that every good thing has a bad side, for you, what are the disadvantages of VR? 

As much as I would love to talk about the good side of virtual reality, it has some downsides, including functionality issues, rigidity, addiction, cost, etc. Some of these issues, like rigidity and most functionality issues, would be solved with newer VR technologies, even as early as 2022. 

Any good technology tends to have users being addicted to it, it doesn’t take away its usefulness, and social media is an example we see daily. Cost is also a factor, but most users won’t really think about the cost that much as long as it’s worth it. 

As an employer, what do you anticipate the most about VR in 2022?

There is a wide range of VR applications in everyday work life. Some of which I have discussed previously. 

VR is about to redefine our perception of remote work. As an entrepreneur myself, this is one of the biggest applications I look forward to. 

VR is here to stay, just like NFTs. And as we gradually approach 2022, and as the excitement builds up, I hope to see a more comprehensive application of VR in everyday life, work and other aspects of life in 2022 and beyond.

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